Delindel’s First Lot of Nyx Polish Swatches

23 Dec

Okay, a little belated. And nail polish is totally predictable, but I love it so bite me 😀

So tonight I’m going to show you just FOUR of the NYX Girls polishes that we got ages ago from Cherry Culture. I will continue showing them off slowly; I currently have 13 NYX Girls polishes and don’t want to overload you. Eek!

Read more if you wanna see pretty greens and blues!

Okay so first I have the fantastically beautiful Boho!

NYX Girls ‘Boho’

Is it not beautiful?! Please ignore the broken index nail, work was particularly rough on me before I took these and made my nail flake, a rare occurrence 😦

Here’s one in sunlight ^_^

Next up is Pistachio:

NYX Girls ‘Pistachio’

I’m not overly fond of cremes by themselves, I actually bought this (and the next one) for layering. However, if you like cremes, the NYX Girls ones seem to be pretty good 🙂 This is only two coats (sloppily applied).

Next is another creme, Lapis:

NYX Girls ‘Lapis’

Another creme… This one’s colour is pretty enough for me to be willing to wear it alone. Gasp! It’s a nice periwinkle sorta blue, lovely for summer ^_^

And last but not least are some lower-quality-than-usual-photos-because-of-awful-lighting of Emerald Forest:

This is what happens when I try to take macro photos with our lights on… Gag. At least you can see some of the shimmer. It’s not actually as yellow as it looks here though.

NYX Girls ‘Emerald Forest’

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Those last two were taken in natural lighting outside.

Sorry about the polish~ I’ve had these swatches on my computer for a few weeks now; wallowing in all their unwanted glory. So I decided to let them see the light of the internet.

…I’m tired, I get weird when I’m tired. I’ve been working more than normal these past couple of weeks and it’s really limited my desire to do stuff when I get home.

In other news, next week Sir Husband and I are headed to the beach (Hokianga Harbour, WHAT!) for 3 nights, and I’ll have more pretty scenic photos when we get back! I don’t care if you’re not interested, I’ll make you look.

See you when I see you! I hope you all have a happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate :3

-Del xx

P.S. I just realised that MaSucree literally JUST posted nail polish swatches as well… Bollocks XD


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