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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 28

28 Oct

Squee! Getting so close to the end!

Today’s challenge is ‘inspired by a flag’. Now I dunno about other polish fiends, but since the Olympics resulted in an outright explosion of flag-and-other-patriotic manis, I became a little bit sick of them. I wanted to do something a little different, and as MaSucree said, “A lot more unique!” than a lot of the other flag manis out there.

I decided to spell out ‘flag’ in nautical signal flags!

I did it for the lulz ^_^

I really love the ‘L’ and am keen to do checkered nails again! The ‘F’ was a complete nightmare though. Signal flags are square, so trying to do the diamond really didn’t translate so well >_<

Polishes used were:

  • China Glaze Hey Sailor (red)
  • China Glaze First Mate (blue)
  • China Glaze Liquid Leather (black)
  • Santee Beach Yellow
  • Jordana White / Jordana Pop Art Contemporary White

I still think this was a fun one to do, and I’m happy that I came up with something a little different 😀 I got the inspiration from another Studio Ghibli film, Kokuriko-zaka Karaor From Up on Poppy Hill. The main character raises signal flags every morning in memory of her father.

Til tomorrow~

-Del x


31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 16

16 Oct

Yay I’m quite happy with today’s offering! The challenge, as mentioned yesterday, was tribal print. Most of my problems with nail art lies in the detailing, so I was sort of dreading tribal print! However, I pulled out my supplies and got stuck in.

I used China Glaze For Audrey as the base colour, then a strip of I Herd That down one side, just because it’s such a gorgeous glitter >_< Then all I did was make lines and dots with black and white acrylic paint!

I liked them so much I continued taking photos even after I had that first one. Teehee!

Tomorrow’s challenge is glitter… What to do, what to do?

-Del x


31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 15

15 Oct

Phew, practically halfway through! Even though I paint my nails every day anyway, it has been really exhausting working to specific guidelines >_<

Anyway, today is “delicate print” and I wanted something simple where I didn’t have to mix or deal with paint. So I went with a stamp!

I’m a bit meh about these photos, but the weather has just been stupid and not-friendly at all! I think I need to get a white light for my desk lamp, instead of the ridonk yellow light that’s in there now.

Base is China Glaze Unpredictable, stamped with Kleancolor Black and plate BM-312.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the challenge is tribal nails! Another one I’ve never done before 😀

-Del x


31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 14

14 Oct

Today’s challenge was flowers, which I haven’t done a lot of. A while back I did a design with some simplistic dotted flowers, and I once attempted a single nail with the oh-so-popular vintage rose design I’ve seen everywhere. But today I wanted to try something new and challenging for me, and felt inspired by the awesome Jessie of Nailed It NZ. She recently posted an easy tutorial for her awesome daisy nails, so I thought I’d try it out!

I went for a completely different and unrelated colour palette, mostly because I felt inspired by the maxi dress I happened to be wearing today. It’s mostly black, with these lovely pink/teal flowers on it. I went for a teal base with pink daisies, accented by black centres.

The teal is China Glaze (of course) Exotic Encounters, from the Safari collection. I absolutely ADORE this shade, it looks amazing on my skintone and in general is just a gorgeous shade. Everyone should have it! The daisies are a bastardised shade of red, blue and white that I mixed using my acrylic paints, and the black is just acrylic paint too. I used nail art brushes and a dotting tool from Born Pretty Store. Every nail fiend should shop there! As soon as I get some moolah I’m going on a BPS spree >_<

So anyway, that’s it! Mine are obviously not as neat and practised as Jessie’s, but I love her design and I’ll definitely do it again! Everyone should go check her blog out, she does the coolest nail art and she’s here in NZ too 😀

Until tomorrow (which is still unplanned)

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 12

12 Oct

Today’s challenge was stripes and I was at a bit of a loss for what to do, until I remembered that aaaages ago I bought some striping tape from Meliney, and hadn’t used it yet! I went into this design without any forethought, just kinda played it by ear >_<

This was OPI Designer… De Better, with China Glaze Liquid Leather over top. I don’t like how messy some of the edges of my nails ended up *coughpinkycough* but in general I really like this look. Definitely keen to try it again with some different polish combinations!! I’ve seen this sort of thing everywhere all over the internet and always really liked it. Good to know I can pull it off too 😀

Until tomorrow~

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 11

11 Oct

Today is polka dots! I’m not an overly large fan of polka dots on my own nails (they never turn out looking right…), so instead I decided to do something cute that happens to involve polka dots. And red. And black.


I used China Glaze Hey Sailor and Liquid Leather, with Kleancolor White for the eyes, and a Jordana black striper for the lines (which came out a smidge thick, but ah well).

Teeheehee! So adorable. My right hand is matching too, I think I’ll leave these on until tomorrow! Red usually terrifies me as a nail colour, but I can accept it when it’s this cute 😀

What does everyone say about ladybug nails?

Thanks for stopping by!

-Del x


A Peek into MaSucree’s Shoes Collection

9 Mar

Hello Darlings!

I hope you have all been looking after yourselves!

Today’s post is going to be about some of my shoes 🙂

I get a little touchy when people ask me how many pairs of shoes I have, first off it’s usually people who I don’t know well and second I don’t actually know cause I think it is rude to count. However today there was some rearranging going on and I decided that I finally would count them all. Delindel and I are going to be the only ones privy to that information. HOWEVER out came an idea from the lovely Rebecca ( a reader and friend of Del’s) that I should do a post about some of my favourite shoes.

So I have picked 8 pair of shoes, some of them new and some of them older pairs to show to you.

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