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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 20

20 Oct

Phew, day 20! We are getting there! Woop woop.

Today’s challenge was water-marbling. I’ve done water-marbling before, so the main challenge was choosing colours and not bumping the already-done nails (failed at that one). Now, I could have gone for something subtle, classy, and fancy. But instead I did THIS!

Muahahahahhaa!! Pinks and oranges don’t often get utilised by moi, I gravitate towards blues, greens and browns/nudes. So I thought I’d do something different and bright. I used a white base (it makes the colours pop more), then Jordana Soft Pink, Pink Lemonade, Tangy, and Sweet Orange for the marbling. You can see swatches of all my Jordana polishes here.

They make me think of disco or hippie swirly patterns… I know what I mean >_<

Tomorrow we get into the scary stuff! All the “inspired by” challenges. I’m feeling rather apprehensive.

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 14

14 Oct

Today’s challenge was flowers, which I haven’t done a lot of. A while back I did a design with some simplistic dotted flowers, and I once attempted a single nail with the oh-so-popular vintage rose design I’ve seen everywhere. But today I wanted to try something new and challenging for me, and felt inspired by the awesome Jessie of Nailed It NZ. She recently posted an easy tutorial for her awesome daisy nails, so I thought I’d try it out!

I went for a completely different and unrelated colour palette, mostly because I felt inspired by the maxi dress I happened to be wearing today. It’s mostly black, with these lovely pink/teal flowers on it. I went for a teal base with pink daisies, accented by black centres.

The teal is China Glaze (of course) Exotic Encounters, from the Safari collection. I absolutely ADORE this shade, it looks amazing on my skintone and in general is just a gorgeous shade. Everyone should have it! The daisies are a bastardised shade of red, blue and white that I mixed using my acrylic paints, and the black is just acrylic paint too. I used nail art brushes and a dotting tool from Born Pretty Store. Every nail fiend should shop there! As soon as I get some moolah I’m going on a BPS spree >_<

So anyway, that’s it! Mine are obviously not as neat and practised as Jessie’s, but I love her design and I’ll definitely do it again! Everyone should go check her blog out, she does the coolest nail art and she’s here in NZ too 😀

Until tomorrow (which is still unplanned)

-Del x

MaSucree’s First Ever Sinful Colors Haul and Swatches

24 Apr

Good Morning Darlings!

I am home sick again from work 😦 Ho Hum. I thought what ever I had was gone but it has come round for a second go and it looks as though I might have dragged Gabby down with me too. So we’re both home today attempting to take it easy. The small bright side is that now that I have my new computer (that’s right the Mr Gabby surprised me Sunday after work with building me a computer out or his old new parts) I can get onto sharing some of my new swatches with you.

Even though you have had nothing but nail polish for the last couple of days I thought I would share with you my Sinful Colors. I go on about how awful it is to find anything in NZ make up and nail polish wide and that goes the same for Sinful Colors. I see all these awesome blogs out there with swatches and it just makes me want them even more. However finally when I went to Dressmart with Mama (Dressmart is like a factory outlet mall for big name stores here in Auckland) I found a chemist with a big bin of Sinful Colors. The choices were limited but I was impressed that I managed to get out some really awesome ones.

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Jordana Glitter Specialty Nail Polish Swatches

11 Mar

Right, so last time when I was finished showing off my Australis polishes, I promised you that next time you’d hear from me I’d come bearing glitter! My day off work didn’t deliver the best weather so I spent the day inside watching cheesy 90s movies, and playing with my new Jordana glitter specialty polishes. I only have 5 so far, but after testing them you can be sure that I’ll be ordering the rest… Everybody ready?

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CR Nail Polish Swatches

1 Mar

Before I got into nail polish in a big way I was a bit of a nail polish snob. I would never have thought about buying nail polish from a dollar or discount store. First of all the displays were lacking and they always tucked away some where that you couldn’t see the colours too well.

Once I discovered KleanColor which is a very inexpensive brand but with amazing quality, I went on a mission to try other cheap brands. Because surely if there was one amazing brand hiding in the teeny bopper infested discount stores there would be more.

The brand that I have most recently discovered is CR polishes or Care Romeis Beauty. CR doesn’t seem to have a website that I can find and nor do they seem to have a big following online. However I am pleasantly surprised at the range of colours that are available. So far I have found them in random discount/variety stores out West Auckland. My biggest haul coming from A-Z in Henderson Mall.  Each well sized bottle is $2.00 NZD and the Henderson store has amazing colours.

So take a look at the colours I picked up last month, warning there are a tonne of pictures.

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Delindel’s Galaxy NotD

15 Jan

Hmm hmm hmm, let’s conveniently overlook the fact that I’ve been silent for almost a week now, and get right back into it with awesomeness and a bang! THE BIG BANG. I decided to make my very first attempt at some fancy nail art (i.e. not just a tape mani or some lovely layering) today, and thought I’d share both hands with you – the not-so-good practice on my left hand, and my slightly better-looking right hand when I started to get the hang of it XD

I am of course talking about the galaxy nail trend that has been around for a few months now. I used this tutorial over on Beautylish, but I’ve seen other tutorials that are basically the same thing floating around the internet.

Anyway, while they are by absolutely no means perfect, I’m quite pleased with them as my first try ^_^

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