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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 23

23 Oct

Day 23 calls for inspiration from a movie… Some of you may know that I spent years studying Japanese at university. Let me tell you, it’s tough to come out of there without a healthy (or not) adoration of Hayao Miyazaki films. I took inspiration from the classic and adorable Tonari no Totoro ^_^

I’m still improving on my drawing skills, but I think these are cute and more successful than yesterday’s last-minute design. Though I think next time I could even skip Totoro and just concentrate on the Susuwatari (the soot sprites), because they’re awesome and require less drawing skill. Teehee!

I used Australis Sweetpea as base, and Color Club Wild Orchid for Totoro’s grey body. The rest was done with black and white acrylic paints.

Tomorrow’s challenge is inspired by a book, which is guna be tough for me because I looooooooooove so many books! >_<

-Del x

Del’s 31 Day Nail Challenge: Days 1-3

3 Oct

Gosh I have been so epic fail D: I had all these things planned for the blog, and then BLAM! World of Warcraft has stolen my soul again. I know it’s a pathetic excuse, so I’m not offering it as an excuse. I offer it as an explanation :O

Seriously, so addicted again. *shakes fist at Blizzard*

ANYWAY! I’m going to be posting a few things in one post today, because I had intended to start the 31 day challenge thing that every nail blogger and her dog has already done, on the first day of the month… It’s now the third. Eep! Luckily I actually had some photos set aside early for the first few days!

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Australis Pocket Palette

13 Apr

Hello my lovely readers!

How has your week? Did you get time off over the long weekend? Did you get chocolate? I got mass amounts of Chocolate thanks to Mr Gabby…and then cause of post Easter chocolate sale I now have a repeat this weekend XD

Most of my Easter weekend was spent stuck inside the Hunger Games Trilogy. I’ve finished it now and I feel a little lost, do you guys ever get that after reading a good series?

ANYWAY! Anyway… I’m here to share with you my new Australis Pocket Palette. The best thing with this palette is I got it for FREE! Yup, that’s right Free :3 Farmer’s had this awesome sale that if you spent more than $25.00 you got the Pocket Palette free.  I picked up a Australis Lipstick and Primer (which I did need), I will review those later for you cause as always I love everything Australis.

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Australis Nail Colour Swatches

7 Mar

Ooooookay I know that the only thing you guys really want is nail polish >_< So I’m giving in! Today I’m showing you my small-but-slowly-growing collection of Australis nail polishes. Those of you in New Zealand and Australia will likely be familiar with the brand, as it’s Australian and very easy to get here in NZ (check any Farmers or pharmacy). Since they average around $13 NZD, my collection is still quite small. I’m currently at 6 bottles (mostly purchased during sales). So let’s begin!

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Hulucat Tea House and a Haul

15 Feb

Hey everybody!

Hasn’t Miss MaSucree been taking good care of you while I’ve been busy? ^_^ It’s good that she’s got some time off at the moment, because I’ve been fairly busy and not up for blogging.

However, today I managed to have a day off and actually socialise with people! Shock horror! I spent the day with Miss Amy drinking tea and eating sushi and buying things. It was rather fun! So I have a couple of things to show off.

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Australis Eyebrow Kit Review

8 Jan

If you’ve been reading for a while you may have noticed my love for Australis. All of my basic make up is Australis and I would recommend them to anyone.

Products I use are:

When I went to purchase a replacement Powder Cream Foundation (seriously you need to go get some this instant!) they had a offer at Farmer’s either you got 10% off or if you managed to spend over $25.00 you received a free eyebrow kit. I was curious about the kit and opted for that.

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Australis Review

17 Nov

Since I have newly rediscovered my love for Australis with their Powder Cream Foundation and Eye-shadow Primer I have been looking into buying some more of their makeup products. Since my recent purchases of concealer, foundation and mascara did not live up to expectations I was in need of a few essential items. So I may have splurged…a bit…well a lot. I brought their Fresh and Flawless Pressed PowderPaparazzi Perfect HD Foundation, Paparazzi Perfect HD Brightner, Show Stopper Gloss Stick and Killer Curves Mascara. 😮 This post is a result of two seperate shopping hauls and in the process of proof reading I may have gone and brought more Australis products but I will review those later for you.

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