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Mode Vicious Venom

9 Nov

First thing to knock off the To-Post-On-The-Blog list is a polish I bought very recently. On Tuesday in fact! I went to visit my lovely MaSucree for lunch on Tuesday (and also to get some books from the library), and we ended up doing the usual shop-trawling to see if anything interesting was around. I ended up buying some Cranberry Joy hand cream from the Body Shop *dribble*, and then when we stopped in at the pharmacy we always stalk I remembered that Lani had shown a photo of a green glitter Mode polish on her Facebook page. I’ve been obsessed with Christmas polish lately and green glitter is PERFECT for Christmas, so I checked to see if they had it… and they did!

This is the AMAZING Mode Vicious Venom, with a sparse coat of China Glaze Golden Enchantment over top to give it a slightly more Christmassy golden holo sparkle. But trust me, Vicious Venom did not really need it!

I’ve got quite a collection of Mode polishes, and have done for quite a while. But I had always passed this one over at the store because in the bottle it looks like it won’t actually be opaque. Boy oh boy was I wrong! Two easy coats for absolute perfection!!!

While I do really love the colour green, I’ve always gravitated towards blues more. MaSu has always been the green polish fiend! But more recently I’ve found myself more and more attracted to greens, possibly because of the current Christmas polish obsession. And FLIP am I glad I picked this up! (Thanks Lani!)

I mean look at that. Just look at it. How could anybody NOT fall in love with that?! I’m completely obsessed with it now, and I think that next week when I pop into town for lunch with MaSu, I’ll be picking up another bottle. Because it’s that beautiful and I see myself using it that often. I have so much polish that I generally never need back ups (except of my black and white Kleancolors that I use most for stamping). So this is a HUGE deal. That is how much I adore this polish.

For serious, if you’re any kind of green, glitter, or Christmas polish fan, you NEED this polish. I don’t know where you can buy it online, but if you’re in New Zealand or Australia they are generally available in pharmacies. I bought this one from Unichem on Queen St (just up from Farmers), but I’ve seen Mode in other pharmacies as well. PLUS they’re only $4.50 NZD. ULTIMATE WIN.

My friend Holly tells me that they’re generally around $2.50 AUD in Australia, and she recalls seeing Mode in Price Line and other pharmacies.

Seriously I can’t stop staring at it. All my other Mode bottles are tucked away in my polish chest, but Vicious Venom gets a place of honour on my desk among my China Glazes and other special polishes.


What do you guys think? Got a hankering now? 😀

-Del x

Pst… Prepare for more Christmassy glitter tomorrow… Deal with it 😉

More Mode Polishes… Because They’re Awesome and So Am I

30 Apr

Right! So last week I did a recent shopping haul post that started out with eight Mode polishes that I was hoping to swatch for you… And swatch I have! Hurrah! So here’s eight more Modes for you… You’ve already seen three of them because MaSucree swatched them here for you, but I didn’t feel right not swatching the whole lot. So I did the whole lot.


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Delindel’s Effie Trinket Nails

29 Apr

Quick post (and I mean QUICK!) just to show you what I’ve got on my nails at the moment 😀

I got the idea for this one from cutepolish on YouTube (one of my fave nail art channels), it’s this video here if you’re interested. I’m not too big a fan of pinks so I opted for one of my new blue Modes as my base colour. It’s ‘Runway’, a gorgeous creme that I absolutely adore, with Revlon’s Gold Coin sponged over top. Anyway, modified Effie Trinket nails!

I keep flicking my nails around to look at the pretty… and to imitate the way Effie flourishes her hands during the Reaping >_<

*happy sigh*

Instead of using a makeup sponge like in the video, I used an eyeshadow sponge applicator. I bought a cheap pack of them specifically for nail art, because I’m cool that way 😉

Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow!

-Del xx

Recent Shopping Fun with Delindel

23 Apr

Ooookay yeah, I know, I’m terrible and a ridiculously lazy blogger and I don’t deserve to be here! I am aware of how pathetic and whiny it sounds since I only work part-time, but work is reallllly getting me down lately. Even though I need the money, I’m looking forward to our new assistant manager starting soonish so I won’t have to be at work as much. I think it’s kinda hitting me hard that I’m now a university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, and I work part-time in retail. I’ve been having zero luck on the job-hunting front and it’s making me feel rather rubbish!

So, as ever, I resort to shopping to make myself feel better, particularly nail stuff. So today I’ve got a few things to show off from the past two weeks or so. Omgggg, how exciting for you! 😀

I’ll start off with my newest Mode polishes…

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MaSucree’s Mode Polishes

21 Apr

Hello Lovelies!

I have had a very good weekend and now feel fully recovered from what ever type of sickness/plague I had. My trip to Dressmart when extremely well; I found a store finally that sold Sinful Colors Nail polish *swoon* and another store that sold E.L.F. If you live in New Zealand you will know that you do not find these brands in an actual store. I also got the most amazing dusty blue dress I am just looking for a reason to wear it now.

Today Gabby and I went to the Auckland Zoo. I got to see the Tigers and BABY MEERKATS!! Squee! There was of course many other animals but the Tigers and Meerkats are my favourites. I was a numpty and forgot to put the battery back in my camera so no photos to share with you 😦

BUT I do have some other photos to share with you….nail polish ones :3 Delindel has already shared with you Mode Nail polish. I wanted to try this brand out for myself and so I got 12 polishes of my own. I am going to share with you five polishes today as they are the only ones Del hasn’t already shared.

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Eight More Mode Swatches – and Bonus NotD

29 Mar


The other day I showed you my latest Mode hauls and expressed a desire to find time to swatch them this week. And huzzah! The weather obliged. I’ve tried to swatch most of them in direct sunlight, except where the clouds took over without me noticing XD I just want to say that Mode has some seriously beautiful colours, and I’m a bit sad that I’ve only found them at one pharmacy. I’ll just have to hope they don’t get rid of them any time soon!

Ready for some polish porn?

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Delindel’s New Bag, Polish Haul, and NotD

24 Mar

On Wednesday I met up with MaSucree for lunch (as we try to every week!) in the city, and then went on a bit of a splurge with Teal Amy and ended up at home with a new bag and some more nail polish. Sir Husband didn’t notice the polish (I’m good at hiding it), however he was very unimpressed about the bag! So I’ve been put on another spending ban XD

It was totally worth it. Wanna see?

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