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Haul, Haul, Haul, and NotD

29 Nov

Yaaaaaayyyyy all the things! I have a few separate hauls to share today, and then some nails ^_^ Ready for some photos?

First up is my small haul of Ulta3 polishes. These Australian polishes have only just started showing up in New Zealand, and only at a select few places. I made the effort to go into the city to check out a pharmacy that stocked them, and came away with four 😀

L-R: Blue Marlin ; Blue Glitter ; Red Glitter ; Mojito

I haven’t tried them out yet, but I’m excited about them. I hope the awesome chunky holiday glitters that Ulta3 recently released turn up in NZ stores!

The day after I bought these, I got a surprise in the mail in the form of the two OPI Skyfall polishes I ordered when the Warehouse had them on sale…

L-R: You Only Live Twice ; Goldeneye

And then last night I was able to pick up my share of the group buy of Orly and Nfu.Oh polishes. Super excite!! Here are the ones I got 😀

L-R: Dazzle ; Cut the Cake

L-R: Chantilly Peach ; Essence of Pearl ; Super Natural

L-R: 47 ; 56 ; 61

L-R: 89 ; 125 ; 3

L-R: 80 ; 26

Suuuuper excited to try out the flakies and my first ever proper holo! Plus I am so in love with the bottles ❤

Anyway, so far the only ones of these hauls that I’ve tried are the two from OPI Skyfall. Of course I went for my classic gradient tips :3

Pretty! I was a bit nervous about buying You Only Live Twice because I generally don’t wear reds, but I do like the way this one is slightly magenta, and the pretty shimmer. MaSucree’s suggestion for me paid off :3

So what does everyone think? ^_^

I have another 4 or 5 packages on their way too. Eeeep! I may have gone a little overboard on Etsy and Llarowe…


-Del x


Purple and Bronze Watercolour NotD

3 Nov

Today I thought I’d share the nails I wore to a wedding last week! They may seem random and out-of-context, but  rest assured that they matched my outfit perfectly 😀

I did these right after Day 27 of the challenge, so was feeling rather inspired by the sponged-watercolour thing 😀 Since I was wearing a black satin maxi dress with purple and bronzey-gold flowers, I went with a black base with purple and bronzey-gold colours sponged over top.

Polishes used were:

  • China Glaze Liquid Leather (base)
  • Mode Boysenberry
  • Jordana Silky Purple
  • Mode Messed Up
  • Color Club Fashion Addict
  • Kleancolor Americano
  • NYX Girls Buzz Worthy
  • Jordana Lavender Fields
  • Mode Glitzy Glam

That’s a big list!! It makes it seem like these took ages to do, but they really didn’t! They were positively light-speed by my nail art standards.

Here’s a rare view of my right hand, just to show you that I really DO do them both! 😉

*happy sigh* Pretty pretty.

What do you guys think? Something you would wear?

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 10

10 Oct

Yay Day 10! So far I’ve managed to keep on top of it, woop woop.

After yesterday’s laborious task of rainbows, I wanted something quick and comfortable today for gradients. So I went with my tried and true sponging technique, which is different to the other gradient sponging techniques out there. Mine doesn’t really create a true gradient, but I love it. It’s a little bit different, just like me 😉

This is China Glaze Starboard, with Revlon Copper Penny. I went for the green because it was on my desk staring me in the face, and I always seem to wear blues (when I’m not rocking the nudes). When I do blue gradients, I tend to have gold or silver tips, and my poor little bottle of Copper Penny was all, “Pick me! Pick me!” at me. So I caved. I actually really love this combo, and hey, copper coins go green over time right?!

So it was totally inspired and planned out. Not randomly decided by what was on my desk. No no, that’s crazy talk!


-Del x

Recent NotDs, Graduation, and Nail Mail

9 May

Oho! That’s right, I’m still around. I’ve had a busy few weeks (wait, I always say I’m busy…), what with GRADUATION and all! Yes that’s right, after four long years I’ve finally managed to graduate from university with a Bachelor of Arts. The only reason it took me so long is because I’m indecisive and kept changing my major >_< Main thing is that I got there in the end, right? 😉

Anyway, what with me graduating and Sir Husband also graduating and then work and whatnot, I’ve been feeling rather mehhh about blogging, mostly because it’s hard to blog about nail polish when you can’t take good photos because it’s night-time because that’s the only time you have to do your nails…

Did that sentence make sense?

Main point here is that I’ve managed to get a few not-fantastic shots of my recent NotDs for you, some graduation photos, and a recent package I received.


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Delindel’s Effie Trinket Nails

29 Apr

Quick post (and I mean QUICK!) just to show you what I’ve got on my nails at the moment 😀

I got the idea for this one from cutepolish on YouTube (one of my fave nail art channels), it’s this video here if you’re interested. I’m not too big a fan of pinks so I opted for one of my new blue Modes as my base colour. It’s ‘Runway’, a gorgeous creme that I absolutely adore, with Revlon’s Gold Coin sponged over top. Anyway, modified Effie Trinket nails!

I keep flicking my nails around to look at the pretty… and to imitate the way Effie flourishes her hands during the Reaping >_<

*happy sigh*

Instead of using a makeup sponge like in the video, I used an eyeshadow sponge applicator. I bought a cheap pack of them specifically for nail art, because I’m cool that way 😉

Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow!

-Del xx

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