MaSucree’s Make-Up Musings

Domestic Minxes now has a make-up focussed sister blog! Run by the former Domestic Minx MaSucree, MaSucree’s Make-Up Musings will feature make-up and beauty product reviews and swatches, as well as great shopping info for New Zealanders.

MaSucree is a fabulous 20-something living here in Auckland with her partner The Gabby, who is also known as The Tall Man. She works full-time as a librarian in the circulation department, and loves spending time shopping and playing with make-up.

When she’s not working or playing with make-up, she enjoys drawing, being crafty, cooking, playing video games, and hanging out with The Gabby. She is also well-known among friends for her fantastic polymer clay goodies, some of which can be found on her DeviantART account. She’s also a fantastic cook, and you can find some of her recipes here on Domestic Minxes.

Many things influence her style and her interests. Some of those things are Victorian Gothic, Japanese manga, Tim Burton films, 1940s and 1950s fashion, pin up art, black lace, purple, metal music, skulls, Dita von Teese, Christina Hendricks and many other things.

So if you have any interest in make-up or beauty products, head on over and visit MaSucree at her new blog page! We’ll still be sharing and keeping in touch, and featuring on each other’s pages as well.

Go share the love!

Pst… You can see all of MaSu’s older posts on DomesticMinxes here!

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