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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 30

30 Oct

Wow just one more day to go! I’m pretty glad, because as you’ll see today, my poor poor hands are getting pretty beaten-up. I’m not sure if it’s the challenge, extra housework, or an overly zealous bitey-kitten; it doesn’t matter. All I know is that they’re getting worse and worse every day >_<

Today’s challenge was ‘inspired by a tutorial’, so I went back to the first nail-arty thing I came across online that actually made me curious about nail art (as opposed to straight nail polish). It was a picture I saw on Tumblr, by the marvellous Nailside. She has quite a few tutorials on her site, as well as heaps of other designs, but I wanted to stick with the original one – her freehand cloud design!

Here is my not-so-perfect rendition.

The brushes on the polishes I chose weren’t really the best shape for this design, because they were quite flat. However, now that I know how truly easy this is, I won’t hesitate to try it again with round-brushed polishes :3

I used three “Cairuo” polishes. I suspect these are just re-branded CR (or Care Romeis) polishes, as the symbol and ingredients are exactly the same. But these bottles are a thousand million times cuter, so I was sucked in. And hey, at only $2 each, you can’t argue. The colours are #34 (dark brown), #16 (sky blue), and #33 (the lighter taupe and my favourite).

I plan on returning to the store where I found these, and getting heaps more.

-Del x

Pst… See how beat-up my fingers are getting? 😦


DIY Sugar Scrub with Delindel

6 Feb

It’s summer here in New Zealand, my least favourite season for many many reasons. I prefer winter fashion, I hate getting hot and sunburnt and sticky, and I hate feeling like it has to be the “perfect summer” every year. Summer is just icky.
Physically one of my biggest problems with summer is that I always dry out, especially my legs and lips. No matter how well I look after my lips, they always end up sad and cracked in summer. And while I love Lush lip scrubs, with my money issues I can’t justify buying them when I could make my own with household ingredients!

So here’s a very simple quick lip scrub I made at home. It might not be the prettiest scrub around, but it works wonders and it tastes yummy too 😉

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How to have Beautiful Natural Nails

21 Sep

So since starting this blog, I’ve had a lot more comments on my nails. I’ve gotten a lot of nice comments over the past 3 years or so – my favourite was a random girl at uni asking where I got my nails done and then seeing her shock when I told her I don’t get them done >_<

When I was younger I was a nail-biter, my nails (and the skin around them!) always looked very sad and torn. When I reached the age of about 15, I decided it was time to put an end to it! I am not a nail expert, nor do I actually know very much about nailcare – I’ve never researched it and I don’t use fancy products or strange techniques. But for those of you who have expressed an interest, here is how I look after my nails.

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Delindel, the Queen of Last Minute Meals

14 Sep

Ever gotten home quite late at night, felt exhausted at the thought of cooking dinner, and then realised you forgot to get meat out to thaw anyway? Yeah that’s what happened to me tonight. So I thought I’d share a fantastic last-minute-I-forgot-I’d-have-to-make-dinner dinner recipe! Continue reading

Proper Shoe Care Tips from a Semi-Expert!

22 Aug

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I have a serious soft spot for shoes. Ever since I started working at Overland Footwear I have fallen in love with quality shoes and find it seriously difficult to justify buying a shoe that isn’t leather these days.

In addition to developing a taste for expensive (but long-lasting!) footwear, I have become insanely obsessed with proper shoe care and have an entire box full of products to aid this obsession. This photo doesn’t even show everything I have!

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