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Big Ol’ Potful of Random from December 2012

23 Jan

Haaaai guise! I know I gave you a smidgen of an update a few weeks ago (oops) but I think I’m over being such a terrible blogger. In December my family and I suffered a tragic loss and it really had a negative effect on my desire to blog about stuff. It’s been a tough time and things still hurt, but I’m focussing on happy memories and I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my job, which I started last Monday. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my status saying that yes, I’m still painting my nails every day, but sometimes I don’t catch them on camera! (Like today – woops! I’ll have to re-create today’s look for you at a later date, it was fantastic and gained me many a compliment at work).

Anyway, as a result of my negligence I have quite a backlog of photos to show you. Today’s photos are all from December, with one from November chucked in.



2 coats Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly, 1 coat China Glaze Glitter All the Way (this one’s from November)


2 coats China Glaze Exotic Encounters, 1 coat Nfu Oh 56

Terribly terrible photo, but lovely combo!

03decI received a package from I Love NP: Up to Snow Good and Something About Merry

04dec2 coats China Glaze For Audrey, 1 coat I Love NP Up to Snow Good

05dec2 coats Orly Dazzle, 1 coat I Love NP Something About Merry

After this I drastically chopped off my nails, eep!

06decAnd this is what I wore to the funeral. She would have loved it ❤

2 coats China Glaze Trophy Wife, Liquid Leather for flowers, and rhinestones from BornPretty Store.

07dec2 coats Mode Vicious Venom, gradient using China Glaze Pure Joy and Golden Enchantment

08decChristmas Day nails (awful photo!) using Jessie’s tutorial, China Glaze With Love, Kleancolor White, Jordana Black Mark, and Revlon Gold Coin.

09dec2 coats LA Colors Candy Sprinkles

Ta-dah! Wasn’t that fun? A mish-mash of random crap is always awesome. You’re welcome!

See you all next time ❤

-Del xx

China Glaze Haul

14 Nov

Yay! A couple of weeks ago the Husband gave me a little bit of pocket money because he could see I was feeling quite sad about no polish (and he also caught a glimpse of my bank account balance and pitied me). I, of course, immediately placed an order with Head2Toe. Obviously! It was pretty hard but I tried to use restraint, and I ended up checking out with 8 China Glazes and one lonely little Color Club.

Of course I would place my order literally a day before they had the Cirque du Soleil collection appear online. Bah! Oh well, next time. No idea when that will be, but next time!


L-R: Make a Spectacle (from the Halloween collection… still need the rest) ; Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly (went on my Need List after seeing MaSu’s swatches of it) ; With Love (because every Christmassy haul needs a red creme).

L-R: Pure Joy ; Glitter All the Way ; Winter Holly

L-R: Glistening Snow ; Champagne Kisses ; Angel Wings

~happy sigh~

And then there was glitter. All the glitter. Everywhere! One day I will own all the China Glaze! There’s nothing I love more (except my Husband and cat and family and friends and – oh you know what, let’s just say there’s no polish brand I love more!)

-Del x



Purple and Bronze Watercolour NotD

3 Nov

Today I thought I’d share the nails I wore to a wedding last week! They may seem random and out-of-context, but  rest assured that they matched my outfit perfectly 😀

I did these right after Day 27 of the challenge, so was feeling rather inspired by the sponged-watercolour thing 😀 Since I was wearing a black satin maxi dress with purple and bronzey-gold flowers, I went with a black base with purple and bronzey-gold colours sponged over top.

Polishes used were:

  • China Glaze Liquid Leather (base)
  • Mode Boysenberry
  • Jordana Silky Purple
  • Mode Messed Up
  • Color Club Fashion Addict
  • Kleancolor Americano
  • NYX Girls Buzz Worthy
  • Jordana Lavender Fields
  • Mode Glitzy Glam

That’s a big list!! It makes it seem like these took ages to do, but they really didn’t! They were positively light-speed by my nail art standards.

Here’s a rare view of my right hand, just to show you that I really DO do them both! 😉

*happy sigh* Pretty pretty.

What do you guys think? Something you would wear?

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 24

24 Oct

Today’s challenge was inspired by a book, which made it difficult for me to choose! I started out with this simple design based on my of my favourite series, The Wind on Fire by William Nicholson. Specifically I took the design from the first book, The Wind Singer.

Image from Amazon.co.uk

I found the rustiest red I have (I don’t have many), then attempted the Wind Singer’s voice on my ring finger.

Yeaaahh that was okay. I used Kleancolor Dark Cherry and Revlon Silver Dollar for this. Anyway, I did some chores and it got munched up, so I decided to do some nail maintenance. I’ve been trying to grow out some yellow since June (curse you, beautiful China Glaze Ahoy!), so I’ve been periodically chopping my nails off. Wanna see how they look naked?!

This was post-chopping obviously. The yellow is sloooooowly going away >_< Anyway I felt sad with naked nails so thought I’d have another go at today’s challenge using some different inspiration – this time a series from one of my favourite authors evaaar, Tamora Pierce. I swear there’s only about 3 books of hers that I don’t yet have :3 And yes I’m aware that they’re aimed at people younger than me, I’ve loved them since they were age-appropriate for me and I will always love them… Don’t judge me, I’m an adult really I am!

Sidetracked! I chose the first series from her Circle universe, the Circle of Magic, for inspiration.

If you’ve read the series, I think you’ll get this. However if you haven’t… Basically each of my nails was inspired by one of the four main characters of the series, and my thumbnail shows the circle thread that binds their powers together. My index finger represents Sandry, who has power with thread (sounds lame but can be pretty badass). My middle finger represents Briar, who has power over plants and is the only boy of the group. My ring finger represents Tris, who has power over weather and can see magic (hence the sparkles by the lumpy lightning bolt – apparently my yellow paint is a pain in the butt to work with). And my pinky represents Daja, who has power with smithing and fire.

Yaaaaay. Base colours were (thumb to pinky) China Glaze Liquid Leather, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam, China Glaze Starboard, Color Club Wild Orchid, and China Glaze Life Preserver. The rest was done with a bunch of acrylic paints.

I think after I finish re-reading Harry Potter for the thousandth time I’ma go through all my Tamora Pierce books again.

…I kinda already miss how long my nails were. But at least they’ll grow back soon, right?

-Del x

Pstt… What sort of books do you guys like reading? I’m pretty much a 100% fantasy girl.

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 23

23 Oct

Day 23 calls for inspiration from a movie… Some of you may know that I spent years studying Japanese at university. Let me tell you, it’s tough to come out of there without a healthy (or not) adoration of Hayao Miyazaki films. I took inspiration from the classic and adorable Tonari no Totoro ^_^

I’m still improving on my drawing skills, but I think these are cute and more successful than yesterday’s last-minute design. Though I think next time I could even skip Totoro and just concentrate on the Susuwatari (the soot sprites), because they’re awesome and require less drawing skill. Teehee!

I used Australis Sweetpea as base, and Color Club Wild Orchid for Totoro’s grey body. The rest was done with black and white acrylic paints.

Tomorrow’s challenge is inspired by a book, which is guna be tough for me because I looooooooooove so many books! >_<

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 6

6 Oct

Tra-la~ Today is purple! Well, technically violet but I’m not fussed about technicalities. I went out of my way to make sure that it wasn’t China Glaze today, so appreciate it 😉

This is OPI Purple with a Purpose, with Color Club’s Wild at Heart on my thumb and ring finger. You can’t tell because it wasn’t sunny, but Wild at Heart is a gorgeous colour with some awesome holo action going on :3 Everybody ought to have these two purples! I’ve had Purple with a Purpose for approximately a million years but never wear it enough. It has really pretty pinky-blue shimmer in it ^_^

Super love love ❤

-Del x

Four Brand New Color Club Polishes

4 Oct

Just as I started typing this I realised that I’ve never shared any of my Color Club polishes with you 😮 Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I know! I have ten now and you haven’t seen any of the early one, epic blogger fail >< sorry about that. I’ll try and remedy that especially since the lovely Lani sent me two bottles, I should really share them with the world :3

So today’s post is about the latest four I brought which are from the newest Color Club collections: In True Fashion and Winter Affair. These four were brought from Head2Toe Beauty.

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Catching Up With MaSucree

6 Jul

Good evening my lovelies!

How have you all been?

Life has been getting in the way of blogging again. Since we last spoke I have been sick again, battled an assignment, defeated some work stress, did heaps of shopping and hid from the winter’s cold in bed. I also dyed my hair a brightish red and cut a whole lot of it off 😮

So that we get back onto even footing I thought I would write a post about all the things I have been doing and all the shopping I have done.

I have seen the Avengers (twice), Brave and Snow White and the Hunstman. I love the Avengers Loki and Thor are my favourite (all you have to do is visit my Tumblr to see that). Brave was amazing and made me laugh so much :3 Snow White and the Huntsman was just a disappointment :S

Before I started taking photos of all the things I had brought since last I posted I thought that I hadn’t done all the much shopping. HA! What a silly though that was.

So since my last post I have:

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Winter Polish Drying Fail: Featuring NotDs and Swatches!

1 Jul

I don’t even think there’s any to say here except I’m super sorry we’ve been so blargh about posting lately. I know that I’m exhausted and I know that MaSucree is exhausted too. Even though there’s not that much going on at the moment, it feels like EVERYTHING is snowballing.

For me, it’s been really difficult to get myself to do anything at all since my cat disappeared. I’m actually devastated but Sir Husband is trying to keep me positive. It’s been difficult because I’m home alone most of the day while he’s at work keeping busy. I’m not working at the moment (I left Overland in order to find something more suited to me), but I’m feeling zero motivation since Suki went missing 😦 Every little sound has me jumping and calling for her.

Anyway, I have some naily things for you. There’s not much, but I hope you’ll enjoy the few things I have. First up is the main reason for lack of posting…

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