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Jordana Nail Polish Swatches

18 Sep

Today I have a complete butt-tonne of swatches for you! I’ve noticed in the blog search field that we get a lot of hits from people looking for Jordana polish swatches. I had quite a few up on Flickr, but hadn’t shared them directly in a post. Also I’d gotten more since I uploaded those ones! So this post is mega swatch-spam.

I really like Jordana polishes, they go on easily at 2-3 thin coats, have a quite-good dry time for how cheap they are, and best of all they work amazingly for water marbling! Plus here in NZ they are generally sold at $3 a bottle, which is epic. I’ve decided to start with the older photos that were uploaded on Flickr, then I’ll move on to the newer swatches.

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Shopping with Del, and More Awesome Water-Marbling!

28 Jul

Yesterday Miss MaSucree and I decided to meet up on her day off and go shopping together in the city! With my limited spending money I had to try to be restrained, but I still managed to get quite a few things I’m quite excited about ^_^

I promise, at the end you get to see some totally awesome water marbled nails (that I’m completely vain about).

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Delindel’s First Foray into Water-Marbling

24 Jul

Hey! Long time no see ^_^ (my bad). Today I thought I’d share my first attempts at something I’ve been meaning to try for literally EVER, but I’ve always been too lazy to actually get around to it. Water marbling!

I decided it was time to take the plunge. Since we’re in the throes of winter still, and I’m seeing beautiful neons and brights all over the internet, I decided to go for brights to cheer up my day ^_^ I opted for a white base because after the countless things I’ve seen about marbling I thought it would be better to go for sheerer slower-drying polishes. I chose pink and green, with a bit of orange 🙂

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Experiments in Nail Art with Delindel

14 Apr

Hey guys! Long time no see >_< I did warn you last time that I’d be pretty busy with birthdays (the Husband is finally the same age as me) and work and weddings! I made it through, but just after I got back from the out-of-town Easter weekend wedding, I got super sick. Blech!

However, this does mean that I’ve been playing with nail polish a bit, since there’s nothing better to do when you’re sick than watch Top Gear and try stuff you’ve never tried before. So tonight I’m quickly sharing two sets of nails, showcasing my first foray into crackle/shatter polish, and my first attempt at detailed nail art and sticking jewels to my nails…

Wanna see?

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Delindel’s New Bag, Polish Haul, and NotD

24 Mar

On Wednesday I met up with MaSucree for lunch (as we try to every week!) in the city, and then went on a bit of a splurge with Teal Amy and ended up at home with a new bag and some more nail polish. Sir Husband didn’t notice the polish (I’m good at hiding it), however he was very unimpressed about the bag! So I’ve been put on another spending ban XD

It was totally worth it. Wanna see?

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Jordana Glitter Specialty Nail Polish Swatches

11 Mar

Right, so last time when I was finished showing off my Australis polishes, I promised you that next time you’d hear from me I’d come bearing glitter! My day off work didn’t deliver the best weather so I spent the day inside watching cheesy 90s movies, and playing with my new Jordana glitter specialty polishes. I only have 5 so far, but after testing them you can be sure that I’ll be ordering the rest… Everybody ready?

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MaSucree’s Retail Therapy

29 Jan

Good afternoon lovely readers!

Del has been amazing at looking after you all while I have been busy! Isn’t she clever with all her nail art and yummy food T_T My nail art is still very noobish so you wont be seeing any of it for a while yet XD

Gabby is away for a while so my Mama took me out for some retail therapy. Early yesterday morning we visited the street market in Blockhouse Bay. There were stalls full of home made baking (which I was strong and resisted), organic veges, plants and perserves.

After the market I then went on my own little mission for some new lipsticks and of course I came back with a bit more than that. So to make up for my absence I’m going to show you my haul from yesterday.

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