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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 26

26 Oct

Today was ‘inspired by a pattern’. I toyed with the idea of gingham nails, but ended up coming back to houndstooth because of time restraints. Stamping is heaps faster! I did some hunting for colour inspiration, because black-and-white is a bit boring to me, and I found this tan-and-brown version that I rather liked. Probably because I’m rather fond of browns and nudes :3

Click for image source

Om nom nom. I went with Kleancolor Mocha as base, with stamping using Kleancolor Cappuccino and plate BM-322 for the houndstooth pattern.

Yay! I love it. I’m going to do more stamping with these colours, I LOVE brown polish!


-Del x

P.S. At this point I’m not too sure if there will be a post tomorrow as I have a wedding to go to… We’ll see how things go, maybe I can make some time to get it done today.


31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 21

21 Oct

Oh gosh I feel all out of whack because I’m not at home D: It even feels wrong painting my nails not-at-my-desk. And accordingly, these did not go to plan >_<

Anyway, today is the start of the ‘inspired by…’ part of the challenge, and the first one is ‘inspired by a colour’. Huh? Like what does that even mean? After much thinking and hmming and haaing, I decided to take the NAME of a polish and go with that. One of my favourite polishes-I-always-grab-for-and-always-love is China Glaze’s Electric Beat. I thought about doing something crazy and intense like a glitter lightning bolt with CG Electrify, but then I remembered that I wouldn’t be home. So I went for something simpler.

This is two coats of Electric Beat as base, with stamping using Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire and plate BM-305 for the lightning design. I really like this mani, it’s totally cute 😀 I was a bit annoyed that my trusty top-coat managed to smear the lines a bit, but I think that’s a problem more with the stamping polish than the top coat. But not-so-close-up, these nails look awesomesauce.

I’m just sad about how weird everything feels when I’m not at home to nail it up. Plus the weather today is shocking and therefore so are my photos! My camera throws a fit when I try to macro with indoors lighting.

Anyway, what do ya’ll think? Rockin’ it? Also how would you have interpreted the ‘inspired by a colour’ instructions?

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 15

15 Oct

Phew, practically halfway through! Even though I paint my nails every day anyway, it has been really exhausting working to specific guidelines >_<

Anyway, today is “delicate print” and I wanted something simple where I didn’t have to mix or deal with paint. So I went with a stamp!

I’m a bit meh about these photos, but the weather has just been stupid and not-friendly at all! I think I need to get a white light for my desk lamp, instead of the ridonk yellow light that’s in there now.

Base is China Glaze Unpredictable, stamped with Kleancolor Black and plate BM-312.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, the challenge is tribal nails! Another one I’ve never done before 😀

-Del x


31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 7

7 Oct

Today’s prescription is black & white. Starting to branch out from the plain colours now, woohoo!

I decided to pull out my stamps! Since I have a butt-tonne of plates but hardly ever get around to stamping. So I did two coats of Kleancolor’s White as the base, then stamped using Kleancolor Black and plate BM319. Then I used the normal brush from the Kleancolor Black to paint on a kind of jagged tip to make it look better.


From tomorrow I’ll be showcasing with shorter nails because they’ve shrunk! I mean, not really. I cut them. I’ve been trying for some time to grow out some yellow staining, and at this longer length the yellowed tips were so noticeable when I wasn’t wearing polish. They’re still yellow, but it’s less noticeable on my shorter nubbins.

There were other reasons for chopping them too. Harder to use my smartphone, harder to get night cream out of its tub, harder to get lip balm out of its tub, I kept scratching my husband… I could go on.


-Del x

Del’s Cheese and Bacon Scrolls Recipe

21 Aug

Om nom nom! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something other than nails, so I thought I’d give it a stab to prove I don’t just sit around painting my nails all day. Sometimes I hang out in the kitchen! I can’t take full credit for these tasties – my awesomesauce sister was bragging on Facebook about hers so I stole her recipe. It’s just a basic scone recipe, but I thought I’d share because everybody loves cheese and bacon. Plus they’re rolled into scrolls instead of just a lumpy mclumplump scone lump.

I also managed to get a few pictures for you. Because you know, I love you and stuff ❤

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