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Aveeno Smart Essentials Review

21 Jan

Good Afternoon Everyone!

The last few weeks I have been trialling a new face and eye cream.  The two products I picked up are from Aveeno’s new Smart Essentials range. I first brought the Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment for $25.00 NZD from Farmers, I was so impressed I went back and brought the Daily Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 30.

Aveeno is a brand I have used before. I started using their Ultra-Calming range, I fell in love with their night cream but sadly they stopped making it about two years ago.

So read below for a review of my two latest face and eye creams from Aveeno.

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MaSucree’s Recent Purchase Reviews and Follow Up Reviews

8 Nov

Goodness I have tried so many new things recently so it is time again for a “Recent Purchase Review” as well as a “Follow Up Review” for some of the products I reviewed earlier that I might have changed my mind on or just flopped.

If you have any suggestions for me please let me know I love trying new things 🙂

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MaSucree – Paying It Forward

23 Oct

One of our lovely readers Zoe who runs the drool-worthy Pantry and Fridge  featured us in one of her latest blog posts. Here’s what she wrote about us:

Domesticminxes – This domestic and informative blog is written by self-proclaimed “Divinely Crafty, Domestic Godessess” and I would have to agree. MaSucree and Delindel are two lovely ladies who live in Auckland, New Zealand and are extremely domestic and extremely good at it! This is the blog single-handedly keeps me in touch with my feminine side. They love all things girly and pretty. Delicious food, drinks, make-up, gardening, shopping, reviews, crafts…. they are very, very versatile. Adorably so. I could never be as focused as they are on such a variety of topics. It’s a well put together blog and I really love getting their posts.”

Isn’t she just lovely? So just as Zoe did I am going to list my top five favourite blogs.

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Peek into my Makeup Bag: Almay Eyeshadow

14 Oct

Hello everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying your week, I am on my first day of my weekend and have been enjoying the sunshine. I went out to lunch today with my mum and dad and ate delicious Turkish food from this most excellent cafe called (funnily enough) “The little Turkish Cafe“. The food was amazing and very well priced. I had the Lamb Satay Kebab. You can download their menu here. Definitely give them a go they’re at 217 Karangahape Rd, Auckland Central.

Anyway let’s dive into my makeup bag again and see what else I can show you.

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Recent Purchase Review

8 Oct

Sheesh I have brought a lot! So it’s time for another Recent Purchase Review Post!

oh and here’s a music video for your lovelies. Its what I was listening to while I was typing this up.

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Second Cherry Culture Haul Review

1 Oct

YAY!! Our Second Cherry Culture Haul came this afternoon! Delindel and I got very similar things this time XD

I was so excited I may have put through another order..maybe ><

I made sure I took photos and swatches to share with you. Did I mention that you should really go to Cherry Culture? GO NOW! We managed to get in on the tale end of their 5th birthday sale ^_^ 25% percent off. Woot! But Cherry Culture is all so reasonably priced anyway.

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Recent Purchase Review

15 Sep

I have brought a lot recently and it is about time that I reviewed some of these purchases. I have only reviewed a few things this time round or else this post would be super long. I will more than likely do another Recent Purchase Review post soon since I have a lot to review.

If you have any questions about any of the products I have reviewed please leave a comment or contact me at domestic.minxes@gmail.com.

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