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More Tea – After Dinner Mint

14 Oct

You know I’ve been busy when all I have time to talk about is tea and nail polish ūüėČ Here’s another tea review, obviously from Aaah Tea. This one is the After Dinner Mint, one of their many flavoured blacks (my favourite kinds). Yay! I am in superlove with this tea – black Ceylon with chocolate, peppermint, spearmint, apple pieces and (best of all!) macadamia nuts. Heaven much?!

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Nightea Night Review

12 Oct

Hurrah, another tea review from the beloved Aaah Tea ‚̧ This one is extra special because it’s a request from a reader! After receiving the request I sent off an email to the lovely and oh-so-accommodating¬†Tash at Aaah, and got a sample sent out lickety-split. Today’s is the Nightea Night healing herbal blend¬†– a lovely simple sleepy-time tea!

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MaSucree’s Aaah Tea Parcel

9 Oct

Delindel has been quite busy the last week or so trying out teas and reviewing them I thought it was time I dusted out my tea pot as well.

Now I am not a big tea drinker, I am more of an insane coffee drinker. Every morning the first thing I do is down a cup of coffee before anything else. Don’t get me wrong I actually love the taste of coffee and I take it with no sugar. I am also very picky about my coffee, so my instant brew is Moccona classic and if I am out I will buy a trim flat white preferably double shot.

The tea I usually drink is Lipton Lemon and Honey, yes I know in a bag! I also have a vast selection of other teas but Gabby is a bit more into it than I am. There is one brand of tea that brings out the esscentric in me though, Aaah Tea.

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Tea Review: Genmaicha

2 Oct

Tonight I have a bit of a review of one of Aaah’s green teas – the basic Genmaicha. This one is a mix of simple bancha (Japanese green) tea leaves, with some added roasted rice grains. Sounds strange to some people (MaSucree was a bit like “O_o wut?” when I told her about it!) but is surprisingly yummy!

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Tea Review 3: Breakfast Brew, and a Little Bit of Shopping

1 Oct

I was very excited to try this tea! ¬†I used to enjoy drinking a cup of tea in the morning, but since starting my addiction to loose leaf teas I haven’t been able to stomach bagged tea and I felt like there would be no point buying a plain black loose leaf tea. How wrong I was!

The Breakfast Brew is, obviously, Aaah’s take on the traditional English Breakfast. It’s a lovely-smelling mix of various sized black tea leaves and as the website says, full of flavour! I adore it because we all know how I feel about milk and honey in tea! This is one tea I can certainly justify adding milk to ><

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Tea Review 2: Luscious Lively Lemon

28 Sep

I’ve been feeling a bit poorly so today is just another tea review >< This time I chose Luscious Lively Lemon, which is one of Aaah’s fruit infusions. As with my last tea review, this tea is another that needs to be enjoyed without milk. I brewed mine for 8 minutes again (when it says 5-10 minutes I try to aim for half-way).

This tea looks absolutely delicious with all those little chunks of apple, lemon peel and lemongrass~ yummy!

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Sweet Spearmint Bliss Review

26 Sep

Today I have the first of a series of tea reviews from my beloved Aaah Tea. To start with, we have the new blend Sweet Spearmint Bliss, which has only just been released! I was sent a sample of this new herbal infusion to try, so that’s exactly what I did ^_^

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