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Coming Up Next Week at DomesticMinxes

3 Feb

Hey guys! I’ve got lots going on at the moment, so I just have two teaser photos for you today. I’m hoping to get to these over the next week in detail 😀

muaMy first MUA haul (and more should be coming in the post!)

parissparklesAnd my first Paris Sparkles polishes!

Something to look forward to?!

-Del xx

Tuxedo Nail Art

2 Sep

Mini-post for everyone today. I’ve been meaning to try these nails for a very long time, but I’m so completely un-co at drawing that I knew I’d stuff up just those tiny bow-ties.

However, I love you and I was bored so I bit the bullet and this happened a few days ago:

These were done with Kleancolor White as base, Jordana Black Mark (liner) for the jacket, then black acrylic paint for the buttons and bow-ties, with China Glaze Ruby Pumps for the red bow. Cute, ne?

I only got one good photo because the Husband has been taking the camera to work with him *shakes fist*

But see what I mean about the bows?! *shakes head* soooo nooby. I can’t draw 😦 I should stick to water-marbling and glittery goodness, yes?

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

-Del xx


Nail Files Bare All Challenge… Naked Nails, Whaaaat?!

7 Jul

Today I’m baring my naked nails for you! Ami over at EverySensory did a post baring hers and tagged anybody who read it, so here goes!

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Winter Polish Drying Fail: Featuring NotDs and Swatches!

1 Jul

I don’t even think there’s any to say here except I’m super sorry we’ve been so blargh about posting lately. I know that I’m exhausted and I know that MaSucree is exhausted too. Even though there’s not that much going on at the moment, it feels like EVERYTHING is snowballing.

For me, it’s been really difficult to get myself to do anything at all since my cat disappeared. I’m actually devastated but Sir Husband is trying to keep me positive. It’s been difficult because I’m home alone most of the day while he’s at work keeping busy. I’m not working at the moment (I left Overland in order to find something more suited to me), but I’m feeling zero motivation since Suki went missing 😦 Every little sound has me jumping and calling for her.

Anyway, I have some naily things for you. There’s not much, but I hope you’ll enjoy the few things I have. First up is the main reason for lack of posting…

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Fruity Fimo Fun

17 Jun


I’m not the best blogger lately, hmm. Ah well. Today I’m showing you my first experimenting with fimo sticks, and loose glitter (rather than glitter polish). This design is one of Violet’s, her tutorial is here on YouTube if you want to know how to do it. I did it pretty much the same. No point taking chances on a first try! 😉 I only did one dip of the glitter though because my glitter was more opaque than hers.

It doesn’t look quite as nice on my short nails, but work has been so hard on them lately that I haven’t been able to grow them. Cry!

I thought I’d do something cute and summery because we’re in the depths of winter and it’s soooo cooooold here! Anyway, take a look~

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More Mode Polishes… Because They’re Awesome and So Am I

30 Apr

Right! So last week I did a recent shopping haul post that started out with eight Mode polishes that I was hoping to swatch for you… And swatch I have! Hurrah! So here’s eight more Modes for you… You’ve already seen three of them because MaSucree swatched them here for you, but I didn’t feel right not swatching the whole lot. So I did the whole lot.


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Delindel’s Effie Trinket Nails

29 Apr

Quick post (and I mean QUICK!) just to show you what I’ve got on my nails at the moment 😀

I got the idea for this one from cutepolish on YouTube (one of my fave nail art channels), it’s this video here if you’re interested. I’m not too big a fan of pinks so I opted for one of my new blue Modes as my base colour. It’s ‘Runway’, a gorgeous creme that I absolutely adore, with Revlon’s Gold Coin sponged over top. Anyway, modified Effie Trinket nails!

I keep flicking my nails around to look at the pretty… and to imitate the way Effie flourishes her hands during the Reaping >_<

*happy sigh*

Instead of using a makeup sponge like in the video, I used an eyeshadow sponge applicator. I bought a cheap pack of them specifically for nail art, because I’m cool that way 😉

Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow!

-Del xx

Australis Pocket Palette

13 Apr

Hello my lovely readers!

How has your week? Did you get time off over the long weekend? Did you get chocolate? I got mass amounts of Chocolate thanks to Mr Gabby…and then cause of post Easter chocolate sale I now have a repeat this weekend XD

Most of my Easter weekend was spent stuck inside the Hunger Games Trilogy. I’ve finished it now and I feel a little lost, do you guys ever get that after reading a good series?

ANYWAY! Anyway… I’m here to share with you my new Australis Pocket Palette. The best thing with this palette is I got it for FREE! Yup, that’s right Free :3 Farmer’s had this awesome sale that if you spent more than $25.00 you got the Pocket Palette free.  I picked up a Australis Lipstick and Primer (which I did need), I will review those later for you cause as always I love everything Australis.

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Delindel’s Latest 9 Kleancolor Swatches, and Bonus NotD

19 Mar

Righto! Yesterday I showed off five NYX Girls polishes from last month’s Beauty Joint haul… And today I managed to find time (among spending time with my husband and baking cupcakes) to swatch the nine Kleancolors I mentioned. Woohoo! Lucky you!

Without further ado~

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Latest NYX Girls Polish Haul with Swatches

18 Mar

Butts! Time keeps getting away from me! I haven’t had time to finish sorting out the non-polish post for you, so instead today I have some polish for you XD

So back in February we made a rather large order at BeautyJoint, and I came out with 9 Kleancolors, my first bottle of Seche Vite, and 5 NYX Girls polishes to add to my small collection. I haven’t had a chance to swatch the Kleancolors (I was going to do it today but the weather was terrible so I had bad lighting), but a few days ago I got the chance to swatch my 5 NYX Girls for you! Yay!

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