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The Biggest Beauty Joint Order Yet

5 Feb

Parcels! Parcels! Parcels!

Last week we ordered from Beauty Joint our biggest order yet, admittedly it was for three people. Our friend and honorary Domestic Minx, Miriam ordered with us.

The poor delivery man though -_- it was raining so he wanted to make sure I was home cause the box was so big, I was….but I was in the shower. He knocked so urgently I thought it was something important (ok it was) so I flew out with my towel around me and answered the door. Poor man -_-

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Beauty Joint Order

18 Nov

The team at Beauty Joint were awesome like always and shipped our order the next day and everything was so well packed that there was no mark on anything.I have been waiting for our latest order from Beauty Joint for ages, dammit international post T_T. As I say all the time we live in the Butt of no where.  I have been asking Gabby to check the mail every day when he comes home from work, I think him and the poor postman are glad it came so I could finally stop stalking the post. XD I was so excited for all my new nail polish!

As I always say Beauty Joint is one of the best places to by good quality make up at a low cost. It really is one of the best ways to get make up you can’t get here in New Zealand.

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Delindel’s First Recent Purchase Review

30 Sep

MaSucree has done quite a few of these things already and I thought it would be a bit silly of me to do a tea review 3 posts in a row! I have more tea reviews coming of course (I took some notes this morning, and am taking some more right now!) but today I thought I’d go over a few of my recent (and some not-so-recent) purchases.

Almost 3 weeks ago MaSucree and I received a new Beauty Joint order that MaSucree posted briefly about here. I thought I’d finally get around to showing off the things I got! In that order I picked up two Nyx round lipsticks (Hades and Champagne), a Nyx jumbo eye pencil (Milk) , a Nyx slide-on eye pencil (Jewel), and a Milani nail polish (Jewel FX Gems)! Yay!

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Delindel’s Newest Online Haul

13 Sep

Came home to a package from Beauty Joint – woohoo! I don’t have much time to post right now, so I’ll just share a few photos~

I got 6 new Kleancolor polishes, 2 Nyx jumbo eye pencils, and 2 Nyx round lipsticks! Woohoo!

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Beauty Joint Review

9 Sep

Living in Auckland, New Zealand means that finding some brands can be very difficult, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty products. I find that Postie is actually pretty amazing when it comes to the reasonably priced hard-to-find makeup brands. Shockingly enough its $10.00 a bottle not including postage for Kleancolor nail polish from a NZ website (the evil TradeMe), whereas Postie have them for $4.00 a bottle or two bottles for $6.00. The only problem is that Postie never has the full range.

Delindel, being the amazing darling she is, has found a super awesome website Beauty Joint where you can order those obscure, inexpensive and amazing makeup brands. Some of the brands that they stock that we love are Kleancolor and NYX. These brands can be very difficult to find in New Zealand so I was super excited that we could finally order from the entire range for the same reasonable price.

We tried very hard to be restrained and only picked four nail polish colours eachfrom the Kleancolor range. The colours we picked were:

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