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Delindel’s First Foray into Water-Marbling

24 Jul

Hey! Long time no see ^_^ (my bad). Today I thought I’d share my first attempts at something I’ve been meaning to try for literally EVER, but I’ve always been too lazy to actually get around to it. Water marbling!

I decided it was time to take the plunge. Since we’re in the throes of winter still, and I’m seeing beautiful neons and brights all over the internet, I decided to go for brights to cheer up my day ^_^ I opted for a white base because after the countless things I’ve seen about marbling I thought it would be better to go for sheerer slower-drying polishes. I chose pink and green, with a bit of orange 🙂

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Jordana Lip Glosses in Amorose, Caramelo, Sorbet and Sunset Kiss

11 Mar

We all know that I have a love affair with lipsticks and lip glosses and we all know that I love Jordana. So it is of no surprise that I have been collecting even more of their lip products. My recent discovery thanks to Delindel is their Lip Gloss range which sells for $4.00 NZD.

I hope you enjoy looking at my new colours and perhaps if you can find them give them a go too! I love sharing with you guys.

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The Quest for the Perfect Red Lipstick

10 Mar

Red lipstick when done properly can lift an outfit, amp up the sexy and add a wiggle to your step. When done badly it can make you look as though your little sister did you make up or even just plain trampy. It is one of those lipstick colours I have just avoided, I have rather plump lips so if I get colours wrong it really in your face XD

I love vintage and pin up so I have been on a quest for the perfect red lipstick for me. I have looked at other brands but they were a bit too expensive for me to splash on a red lipstick that might not be right. So off I rocked to the closest Jordana stand. They had quite a few different shades but it was Radiant Red that really caught my eye, for $3.00 NZD it wasn’t something to sweat about if it was wrong.

For my first attempt at buying a red lipstick and a $3.00 NZD one at that I am thoroughly pleased. Take a look at my swatches.

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Jordana Lipsticks Review and Swatches

10 Feb

As you may remember there has been quite a lot of retail therapy recently. I brought a great many things and promised swatches. And as promised here are your swatches of the Jordana Lipsticks.

Delindel was the one who first introduced me to Jordana. It is one of those dollar store brands that I over looked because to be honest the stands are not always exciting to look at. Now I am a true advocate for Jordana! Love it!

Now onto the review and swatches. Enjoy 🙂

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MaSucree’s Retail Therapy

29 Jan

Good afternoon lovely readers!

Del has been amazing at looking after you all while I have been busy! Isn’t she clever with all her nail art and yummy food T_T My nail art is still very noobish so you wont be seeing any of it for a while yet XD

Gabby is away for a while so my Mama took me out for some retail therapy. Early yesterday morning we visited the street market in Blockhouse Bay. There were stalls full of home made baking (which I was strong and resisted), organic veges, plants and perserves.

After the market I then went on my own little mission for some new lipsticks and of course I came back with a bit more than that. So to make up for my absence I’m going to show you my haul from yesterday.

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