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Jazzing up a boring mirror with Delindel and some nail polish

8 Feb

So today I seem to have done something nasty to my back wherein I can’t move much without it hurting me and making me actually huff and cry out loud. Eek! Painkillers haven’t done anything to alleviate the pain, and I’m hoping it gets better before I have to work tomorrow night…

Anyway, because of this I was stuck on the couch all day in a kind of hunched sitting position because straightening out too much hurt >< I watched a lot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, painted my nails… And attacked an ugly mirror I was given.

I decided to make it pretty and worthy of being in my handbag.

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MaSucree’s Notebook Has Officially Been Pimped

17 Dec

What no nail polish?  😛

Yes! I have been crafting today. Suddenly the crafty bug took hold and made a mess of my lounge floor…which I still have to clean up -_- Poor Gabby he puts up with a lot.

When I went on my Library Road trip, my team the angry sea gulls one the quiz. We all received these awesome notebooks. My one goes with me everywhere, but you have to admit it is a little bit boring. So that was what got attacked by the crafty magic today.

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Here’s a Little Deco For You!

29 Aug

Sorry I haven’t been around – I’m still feeling quite crap and can’t summon the energy to do anything worth blogging about. I tried to make a bit of an effort today and while I was wrapped in a blanket on the couch watching Mononoke Hime, I decoed a silver business card holder I got from Daiso last week. I got the holder with the intention of storing business cards from all the neat places I go to – when I remember to grab them!

Raw materials! Gold leopard print fuzzy deco sticker, silver card holder, amber coloured crystal deco stickers (not pictured).

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New Camera and DECO!

27 Aug

Me and Delindel went out shopping today (I know again, there will be a post tomorrow about our shopping trip;-p). I told her if I go into JBHIFI I would come out with a new camera…and funnily enough I did. I of course got higher permission from Gabby! The sales guy was most helpful and let us have a play around with the camera before I purchased it. He even gave me a really good deal too.

So the camera I cam out with is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-S1 in black (of course). It has the most amazing amount of modes like for taking photos of food and babies! It also has this little intelligent mode where it will automatically pick a mode for the type of photo your are taking.

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MaSucree’s first attempt at Decoing

24 Aug

So for my first attempt at decoing I thought I would attack my super plain ZA compact that I got with my ZA True White Two Way Powder. I naturally do not own this image it belongs to ZA.
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Another Deco Sunday

21 Aug

Last Sunday I did a post about my first decoden attempts and how they turned out. Well, yesterday (as you should know by now) MaSucree and I went out again… And I ended up buying a few more supplies! I decided it was time to deco up my compact. This time I decided I wanted to do something a teensy bit harder than just using stick-on jewels… I decided…. TO CRANK OUT THE HOT GLUE GUN. Yes. I felt like using those pastel purple roses I bought at Spotlight last Sunday!

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Delindel’s Very First Deco Attempts, and a Restaurant Recommendation for Aucklanders

14 Aug

So after developing an addiction to Miss Violet’s Blog, I have discovered within myself a deep and desperate need to make all my things shiny and blingy and sparkly… enter the art of decoden!

While out shopping yesterday with MaSucree, I tried to find some deco supplies that weren’t pre-made stickers or cases made for iPhones (since I have a Samsung smartphone powered by Android… yeah I love it and am totally proud) … This proved to be extremely difficult and it’s not the first time I’ve been ridiculously disappointed by the shopping opportunities of Auckland. Needless to say, when I get paid this week I’m going to be ordering some supplies from Japan.

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