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I’m Alive! And I Come Bearing Swatches!

25 Oct

That’s right folks! Delindel’s not dead! I’m feeling quite ashamed of myself, I’ve been very very bad with blogging, but lucky for me Miss MaSucree has been keeping everything going in my absence-which-bears-no-real-reason.

I would love to report that I’ve been super busy crafting and cooking, but unfortunately I’ve mostly just been working, sleeping, reading, and stressing out about things I ought not be worrying about! Sir Husband has been very strict with me, and has demanded that I refrain from worrying about things until we’re back from Sydney. If only it was that easy! Anyway, I don’t completely feel like boring you with the things that I’ve been worrying about. I’ll report back when it’s all sorted out.

Today, to make the most of my day off, I headed in to the city to have lunch with the beautiful Miss MaSu…

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New Hair Curler -Remington Tribal Tong

25 Sep

For the last couple of years I have been trying to perfect the 1940’s/1950’s waves, but I was never able to get it right. Having such thin hair you would think it would hold onto curls well but for some reason they used to drop out by the time I had finished curling one side. I had tried curling products, hot rollers, foam rollers and bucket of hair spray.

The other week when I was attempting to curl my hair with my older model Remington Curling iron I ended up throwing a “small” tantrum over how useless it was. Which meant I was given permission to investigate getting a new curling iron. The curling tong that kept catching my eye was the Remington Tribal Tong. Luckily after my “tantrum” Farmer’s was having a sale on the Remington Tribal Tong, it was down from the usual $100 NZD to $40.00 NZD.

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Hairstyling, Books and Nail Polish – is there anything I’ve missed?

17 Sep

Oops, I’ve been absent for a couple of days now, haven’t I? Well it’s not my fault I swear! Miss Suki is feeling poorly and I’ve been quite worried about her, plus I have a major assessment due on Monday that I haven’t gotten very far with…. Plus I’m working tomorrow, eeek!

I’ve been trying to spend more time with Sir Husband because I don’t feel like we’re bonding as much as we ought to lately, because we were both sick and then we went straight back into stressful university assignments and tests and presentations. We need some more time together, I never get to see him! Last night I wanted to go out to a restaurant for dinner but he wasn’t feeling up to it so we stayed in and I pretended to work on my assignment…

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Recent Purchase Review

15 Sep

I have brought a lot recently and it is about time that I reviewed some of these purchases. I have only reviewed a few things this time round or else this post would be super long. I will more than likely do another Recent Purchase Review post soon since I have a lot to review.

If you have any questions about any of the products I have reviewed please leave a comment or contact me at domestic.minxes@gmail.com.

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Delindel Does Something Distinctly Girly

15 Aug

So I woke up this morning, and felt excited at the prospect of having the house to myself! That’s the best thing about having Mondays off uni, the boys are out of the house until at least 6pm. I formulated plans in my mind: plans to craft all day and make an amazing dinner for the lads. Unfortunately I ended up watching How I Met Your Mother for most of the day while playing with my new mini straightener.

I have never actually used a hair straightener before, just as I have never coloured my hair either. I’ve always been quite lazy about being a girl and doing girly things like putting on makeup every day and actually doing my hair. Most days I roll out of bed, have a shower and wash my hair, then leave the house with wet hair that I don’t even bother to brush. Yes, I am aware of how terrible a practice this is…

Today however, since it was a day off and I didn’t have anything that absolutely HAD to be done, I rolled out of bed nice and late, and had the rare shower in which I did NOT wash my hair… Afterwards I looked something like this…

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