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Delindel’s New Bag, Polish Haul, and NotD

24 Mar

On Wednesday I met up with MaSucree for lunch (as we try to every week!) in the city, and then went on a bit of a splurge with Teal Amy and ended up at home with a new bag and some more nail polish. Sir Husband didn’t notice the polish (I’m good at hiding it), however he was very unimpressed about the bag! So I’ve been put on another spending ban XD

It was totally worth it. Wanna see?

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Delindel’s Latest 9 Kleancolor Swatches, and Bonus NotD

19 Mar

Righto! Yesterday I showed off five NYX Girls polishes from last month’s Beauty Joint haul… And today I managed to find time (among spending time with my husband and baking cupcakes) to swatch the nine Kleancolors I mentioned. Woohoo! Lucky you!

Without further ado~

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Peacock-Inspired Nails

26 Jan

So a couple of weeks ago I came across this picture in the Kleancolor Facebook group and thought, “Hey! That looks amazing. Maybe I’ll try it!”… They are some gorgeous sponged nails featuring peacock colours :3

So here’s the inspiration pic:

And here’s what I came up with!

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Reader-Requested Kleancolor Polish Comparison

17 Jan

Earlier today we Domestic Minxes received a lovely email from one of our awesome readers asking about two of my fantastic Kleancolor gold glitters. So I’ve swatched them over a few different bases, and alone, hopefully to help her decide which one she prefers. I decided to do a blog post for it because I figured that there’s probably plenty of others who are curious about the difference between these two polishes as well.

The two colours in question are 184. Golden Nirvana and 185. Gold Caviar. My swatches of them by themselves are already on our Flickr, but here they are again:

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Latest Nail Polish Swatches from MaSucree

17 Jan

This week my nail polish collection hit 100, not including clear coats or treatments -_- When we started this blog August last year I only had four colours and I barely used them. Now I have 100 and counting and paint my nails every day.

This week was not exception from any, I brought over 10 bottles this week. So now I have to show them all to you 🙂

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Henderson Shopping Adventure

14 Jan

Today was shopping day!!!

Delindel has never visited the Henderson Westfield, so in our quest for KleanColor nail lacquer we thought we would check out their dollar stores. On my journey to get Delindel I took no notice of the signs saying State Highway 16 was closed. So we spent ages in traffic trying to get to our off ramp, but after that we had a clean run to the mall.

We went everywhere and got so many things! SQUEE!

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Some Quick NotD and a Present from Sir Husband ^_^

9 Jan

I’m in a bit of a fluster at the moment because I’ve just found out that I’m able to graduate ^_^ I’ve been very busy with work and swatching (seriously, go check out our Flickr, I added around 30 more swatches last night; hence no blog post!).

Today I went and had lunch with darling MaSucree in the city and she gushed a bit over my current nails, so I thought I’d share them with you quickly 🙂

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