Nail Polishes From Delindel

23 Dec

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas! Well …almost Christmas! I am soooo excited I feel like a little kid!!! I hope you all have been relaxing amongst all the craziness that follows Christmas around. I was so relaxed that I swatched more nail polish for you today. This time polishes that I swapped with Delindel.

A couple of weeks ago at Delindel’s house we had a girlie night. People brought crafty things, we ate pizza, watched TV and a few of us also swapped out old, or not wanted beauty/make up products. I was a good girl and went through my bathroom cupboard and passed on things I no longer used.

Delindel let me go through her nail polish draw:

Golly me! I didn’t count, because counting is rude. I was however allowed to take five bottles of nail polish of my choosing (with supervision). Here is what I got:

So onto the swatches so that you can see what they look like! The swatches will be laid out so that they follow the above picture from left to right. If that makes sense.

The 123 Selection – 08:

This one is a little pale for me but still a cool colour. What was super impressive was the quality of this polish even though it is from one of the many 123 stores.

The 123 Selection – 07:

I think this would be my favourite of all the polishes that I got from Delindel. Yes I know it’s blue. 🙂 Again from the 123 store and amazingly good for the small amount you pay for it.

Jordana – Mystical:

I pretty much had to sign across my soul for this polish XD supposedly is now a rare Jordanan polish and I can see why it is super cool to use and looks toally epic on.

OPI – Red Hot Ayers Rock:

Dear Lordy this one was hard to try and photograph. It is actually a coral pinky red but I’m not sure if you can see it. It doesn’t look much like a MaSucree colour but once I put it on I really liked it.

Kim Nail Polish – Disco Nights:

This is such a funky colour! I haven been looking for a nice silver polish for awhile and this is exactly what I am after. I also really love foils/metallics.

So there you have some more nail polish swatches for you.



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