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Another Peek into MaSucree’s Shoe Collection

14 Sep


Hello lovelies!

How has your week been? Mine has been full again, but at least that means the week has gone by quickly.

I know I said my next post would be a L’Oreal make up review, but I brought new shoes that need sharing and then I remember I had more shoes that you hadn’t seen. I may have brought a “few” more pairs since I did my post about my shoes. So here is the rest:

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Shopping with Del, and More Awesome Water-Marbling!

28 Jul

Yesterday Miss MaSucree and I decided to meet up on her day off and go shopping together in the city! With my limited spending money I had to try to be restrained, but I still managed to get quite a few things I’m quite excited about ^_^

I promise, at the end you get to see some totally awesome water marbled nails (that I’m completely vain about).

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A Peek into MaSucree’s Shoes Collection

9 Mar

Hello Darlings!

I hope you have all been looking after yourselves!

Today’s post is going to be about some of my shoes 🙂

I get a little touchy when people ask me how many pairs of shoes I have, first off it’s usually people who I don’t know well and second I don’t actually know cause I think it is rude to count. However today there was some rearranging going on and I decided that I finally would count them all. Delindel and I are going to be the only ones privy to that information. HOWEVER out came an idea from the lovely Rebecca ( a reader and friend of Del’s) that I should do a post about some of my favourite shoes.

So I have picked 8 pair of shoes, some of them new and some of them older pairs to show to you.

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Shopping with MaSucree

3 Nov

Since I have had a whole weeks holiday from work I have had time to do crafty things and relax. This also means more time for shopping, and you will be pleased to know that of course I have been shopping!

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Exotic Shoe World + Delindel = Shoe Spree!

3 Nov

So the darling Miss MaSucree and I decided to each make a bus trip into the city yesterday to have lunch together ^_^ It stinks not living closer! We of course got the usual Habitual Fix and MaSu made me feel guilty for being a creature of habit by pointing out that I always get the same thing… But in my defence it IS called HABITUAL Fix! 😉

Afterwards we meandered around random shops – we checked in at Farmers and I drooled over some OPIs, handbags, and Rimmel mascara. I was very good and restrained because I’m on a spending ban, and managed to leave without spending a cent! We then headed over to The Body Shop because we had both gotten emails about the Christmas range of products. We were both interested in the Candied Ginger range, but I decided it wasn’t cinnamony enough for me. I know, I know, it’s candied ginger… But for some reason I was expecting a bit of cinnamon in the mix. Shrug!

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New Shoes, and All About Gorgeous Jewellery

10 Oct

I swear, I’m trying hard to post whenever I can! Yesterday was, as predicted, a very long day at work but surprisingly not that busy. I guess everyone was making the most of the lovely weather! I had the opportunity to test out the new pair of summer shoes I bought on Friday!

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Delindel Goes Outside Again

6 Sep

I had a very long day today! I went to the doctor’s in the morning (yay…) and then I headed to the city! I haven’t seen anyone for a week and a half because I’ve been lurking at home feeling poorly, so I thought that today I would get out there and see a few people.

I met up with my friend Amy (Teal Amy) and had a lovely morning tea of onigiri and a chai latte. Yes it’s a strange combination, but also strangely satisfying 😉 We also went to the new kikki.K store in the new Britomart complex/entrance. It’s a lovely area, with quite a few gorgeous little stores (and a delightfully bright and colourful M.A.C store too!) and cafes. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t already! Pop in to Espresso Workshop – the staff are adorably friendly and the chai latte was perfection. I also bought a cute lemon macaron, which was delicious! We went to Smart Sushi just next door for our onigiri, which was also very lovely and flavoursome.

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Proper Shoe Care Tips from a Semi-Expert!

22 Aug

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I have a serious soft spot for shoes. Ever since I started working at Overland Footwear I have fallen in love with quality shoes and find it seriously difficult to justify buying a shoe that isn’t leather these days.

In addition to developing a taste for expensive (but long-lasting!) footwear, I have become insanely obsessed with proper shoe care and have an entire box full of products to aid this obsession. This photo doesn’t even show everything I have!

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MaSucree’s Wantlist

17 Aug

Here are a few of my favourite things!

Note: I do not own nor do I claim to own any of the images in this post. They belong to their respective owners. (except for of course the little librarian, that’s mine!).

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