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Four Brand New Color Club Polishes

4 Oct

Just as I started typing this I realised that I’ve never shared any of my Color Club polishes with you 😮 Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I know! I have ten now and you haven’t seen any of the early one, epic blogger fail >< sorry about that. I’ll try and remedy that especially since the lovely Lani sent me two bottles, I should really share them with the world :3

So today’s post is about the latest four I brought which are from the newest Color Club collections: In True Fashion and Winter Affair. These four were brought from Head2Toe Beauty.

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Ozotic 505 from Gracie Lou

1 Oct

Hello! Your favourite MaSucree here.

Hows it going? Been busy as usual for me, I handed in an assignment this week (wooo two more left now) and I have been hovering at the letter box waiting for my nail mail. One which came in the form of the lovely Del and her husband leaving it at my door 😮

Today’s swatches are of the fantastic Ozotic 505. I was finally able to grab myself a bottle of this little beauty for a reasonable price from the New Zealand online store Gracie Lou.

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OPI Spiderman Collection – Number One Nemesis

4 Jun

Hello Lovelies!

Time for OPI‘s Number One Nemesis from the new Spiderman Collection. If you has asked me if I would buy Spiderman themed nail polish I would have said no, but once I started seeing the swatches on my facebook I couldn’t help myself. Number One Nemesis was the first one I saw. CandyGirl regularly posts swatches of new nail polishes and I saw this one and Mr Gabby thought it was cool. When you’re man tells you they like a nail polish you get in there and you buy that polish! 🙂

Of course because I brought one I ended up buying more of the Spiderman Collection; Just Spotted the Lizard and I won a bottle of Into the Night. Have a look at those beautiful colours if you haven’t yet. If there was ever an OPI collection I coveted most it would be this one.

So take a look at Number One Nemesis.

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OPI Spiderman Collection – Just Spotted the Lizard

2 Jun

Good Evening Lovelies,

Just a short post today so that I can present to you OPI Just Spotted the Lizard from their Spiderman Collection. This polish was brought from another New Zealand nail polish website called Beyond Beauty. Quick and inexpensive way to get OPI in New Zealand and a large range of colours. Highly recommended 🙂

So take a look at this amazing greeny/gold polish :3

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MaSucree’s Mode Polishes

21 Apr

Hello Lovelies!

I have had a very good weekend and now feel fully recovered from what ever type of sickness/plague I had. My trip to Dressmart when extremely well; I found a store finally that sold Sinful Colors Nail polish *swoon* and another store that sold E.L.F. If you live in New Zealand you will know that you do not find these brands in an actual store. I also got the most amazing dusty blue dress I am just looking for a reason to wear it now.

Today Gabby and I went to the Auckland Zoo. I got to see the Tigers and BABY MEERKATS!! Squee! There was of course many other animals but the Tigers and Meerkats are my favourites. I was a numpty and forgot to put the battery back in my camera so no photos to share with you 😦

BUT I do have some other photos to share with you….nail polish ones :3 Delindel has already shared with you Mode Nail polish. I wanted to try this brand out for myself and so I got 12 polishes of my own. I am going to share with you five polishes today as they are the only ones Del hasn’t already shared.

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Australis Pocket Palette

13 Apr

Hello my lovely readers!

How has your week? Did you get time off over the long weekend? Did you get chocolate? I got mass amounts of Chocolate thanks to Mr Gabby…and then cause of post Easter chocolate sale I now have a repeat this weekend XD

Most of my Easter weekend was spent stuck inside the Hunger Games Trilogy. I’ve finished it now and I feel a little lost, do you guys ever get that after reading a good series?

ANYWAY! Anyway… I’m here to share with you my new Australis Pocket Palette. The best thing with this palette is I got it for FREE! Yup, that’s right Free :3 Farmer’s had this awesome sale that if you spent more than $25.00 you got the Pocket Palette free.  I picked up a Australis Lipstick and Primer (which I did need), I will review those later for you cause as always I love everything Australis.

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New KleanColor Nail Lacquer – Glitters

1 Jan

First post of the new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ll post something else today just so you are not bombarded with nail polish XD

Anyway Gabby took me out shopping and I discovered that our local 123 Mart stocks KleanColor Nail Lacquer. They mainly had their Glitter range.

I’ve also made DomesticMinxes a facebook page. If you click the box off to the right you can have a look too —> come check us out 🙂

Anyway onto the Swatches, enjoy all the glitters :3

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Clay Cupcake Decorations

24 Dec

Good evening Sweetie Darlings!

Tomorrow is Christmas!!! Woooo!!! Only a few more hours to wait!!! Well for those of us who live in New Zealand land it is. 🙂

Today in between house cleaning and long walks with Mr Gabby I got crafty…I know it happened again…I’m frightened too.

At work we had a secret Santa and Jordan (I found out later he had me) was an awesome secret Santa and gave me Cupcake Cookie Cutters and a Zombie finger puppet. I have to admit I am not a big cookie fan…well making them so I thought I could maybe use them in my clay creations as well baking. (I promise I clean them in very hot, soapy water first before baking after clay).

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MaSucree at Armageddon Expo + My Weekend

1 Nov

I had the busiet most super fun weekend this weekend! To start on Friday Delindel and her hubby came over for dinner and I fed them up good, Del got a little tipsy and fixed my boots ^_^ The elevator at work (the same day I got concussed by a bookend) took a bite out of my most favourite (expensive) black leather boots.  I think the boots was more upsetting than the head injury. AMYWAY she fixed them you can not tell unless your up close and personal with my feet ^_^ THANK YOU SWEETIE! So I started the beginning of my long weekend off with a lovely dinner and good company ❤

On Saturday Gabby and I went to:
(Picture is so not mine).

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Cooking with MaSucree – Easy Cannelloni

23 Oct


Om nom nom nom! Anything that combines pasta, tomatoes and veges is instantly a fave for me. Pasta is super easy to make and expirement with. However the same old same old can get very boring so I try regularly to mix it up.

I posted earlier that I had been cooking Cannelloni with a positive outcome so I thought I would share the recipe that I got from the latest NZ Healthy Food Guide.

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