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Latest NYX Girls Polish Haul with Swatches

18 Mar

Butts! Time keeps getting away from me! I haven’t had time to finish sorting out the non-polish post for you, so instead today I have some polish for you XD

So back in February we made a rather large order at BeautyJoint, and I came out with 9 Kleancolors, my first bottle of Seche Vite, and 5 NYX Girls polishes to add to my small collection. I haven’t had a chance to swatch the Kleancolors (I was going to do it today but the weather was terrible so I had bad lighting), but a few days ago I got the chance to swatch my 5 NYX Girls for you! Yay!

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Del Presents: More NYX Girls Polishes and Some Bonus NOTD

2 Jan

So a little while ago I did a post swatching 4 of my 13 NYX Girls polishes… Here’s another 8. The last one (Sea of Cortez) has already been swatched by MaSucree so I didn’t see the need to double up 😛 Excited? I am!! At the end you get my bonus Nails of the Day from New Year’s Eve 😉

Once I’ve finished this post I’m running away to do a bit of decoing ^___^

Ready for some polish porn?!

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NYX Girls Nail Polish Swatches – Part Two

26 Dec

So I have been busy swatching nail polish left, right and centre. But I thought I would give you a bit of a break from nail polish before I posted the next lot of NYX Girls Nail Polish.

As before the NYX Girls nail polishes are lovely to use. They go on beautifully, set quickly and layer nicely too. I am so taken with the NYX Girls nail polish range. It must almost be time to order some more.

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Delindel’s First Lot of Nyx Polish Swatches

23 Dec

Okay, a little belated. And nail polish is totally predictable, but I love it so bite me 😀

So tonight I’m going to show you just FOUR of the NYX Girls polishes that we got ages ago from Cherry Culture. I will continue showing them off slowly; I currently have 13 NYX Girls polishes and don’t want to overload you. Eek!

Read more if you wanna see pretty greens and blues!

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Cherry Culture Haul – L.A. Girl and NYX Nail Polish

7 Dec

Goodness me I’m posting another haul post already and I haven’t even finished swatching the last haul 😮 Ok I lie I’m two colours off XD But still this makes me feel a little bit embarrassed about my nail polish addiction. I guess I shouldn’t mention that I also have another order on its way 😮 *hides*, admittedly some of the new order is for presents…well half if for me and half for presents.


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NYX Girls Nail Polish Swatches – Part One

5 Dec

Hello Darlings!

Here are the NYX Girl Nail Polish Swatches I promised. These five swatches are from the last Cherry Culture order which you can view here.

All the polishes have been layered about two to three times with a base coat to keep on it. I am so happy with the new NYX polishes, I have never tried them before but I am so impressed. They have lasted a very long time and have weathered house cleaning and washing the dishes. They also dry very quickly which means less smudging.

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Second Cherry Culture Haul Review

1 Oct

YAY!! Our Second Cherry Culture Haul came this afternoon! Delindel and I got very similar things this time XD

I was so excited I may have put through another order..maybe ><

I made sure I took photos and swatches to share with you. Did I mention that you should really go to Cherry Culture? GO NOW! We managed to get in on the tale end of their 5th birthday sale ^_^ 25% percent off. Woot! But Cherry Culture is all so reasonably priced anyway.

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