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Latest NYX Girls Polish Haul with Swatches

18 Mar

Butts! Time keeps getting away from me! I haven’t had time to finish sorting out the non-polish post for you, so instead today I have some polish for you XD

So back in February we made a rather large order at BeautyJoint, and I came out with 9 Kleancolors, my first bottle of Seche Vite, and 5 NYX Girls polishes to add to my small collection. I haven’t had a chance to swatch the Kleancolors (I was going to do it today but the weather was terrible so I had bad lighting), but a few days ago I got the chance to swatch my 5 NYX Girls for you! Yay!

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Del Presents: More NYX Girls Polishes and Some Bonus NOTD

2 Jan

So a little while ago I did a post swatching 4 of my 13 NYX Girls polishes… Here’s another 8. The last one (Sea of Cortez) has already been swatched by MaSucree so I didn’t see the need to double up 😛 Excited? I am!! At the end you get my bonus Nails of the Day from New Year’s Eve 😉

Once I’ve finished this post I’m running away to do a bit of decoing ^___^

Ready for some polish porn?!

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NYX Girls Nail Polish Swatches – Part Two

26 Dec

So I have been busy swatching nail polish left, right and centre. But I thought I would give you a bit of a break from nail polish before I posted the next lot of NYX Girls Nail Polish.

As before the NYX Girls nail polishes are lovely to use. They go on beautifully, set quickly and layer nicely too. I am so taken with the NYX Girls nail polish range. It must almost be time to order some more.

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Delindel’s First Lot of Nyx Polish Swatches

23 Dec

Okay, a little belated. And nail polish is totally predictable, but I love it so bite me 😀

So tonight I’m going to show you just FOUR of the NYX Girls polishes that we got ages ago from Cherry Culture. I will continue showing them off slowly; I currently have 13 NYX Girls polishes and don’t want to overload you. Eek!

Read more if you wanna see pretty greens and blues!

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Cherry Culture Haul – L.A. Girl and NYX Nail Polish

7 Dec

Goodness me I’m posting another haul post already and I haven’t even finished swatching the last haul 😮 Ok I lie I’m two colours off XD But still this makes me feel a little bit embarrassed about my nail polish addiction. I guess I shouldn’t mention that I also have another order on its way 😮 *hides*, admittedly some of the new order is for presents…well half if for me and half for presents.


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NYX Girls Nail Polish Swatches – Part One

5 Dec

Hello Darlings!

Here are the NYX Girl Nail Polish Swatches I promised. These five swatches are from the last Cherry Culture order which you can view here.

All the polishes have been layered about two to three times with a base coat to keep on it. I am so happy with the new NYX polishes, I have never tried them before but I am so impressed. They have lasted a very long time and have weathered house cleaning and washing the dishes. They also dry very quickly which means less smudging.

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Second Cherry Culture Haul Review

1 Oct

YAY!! Our Second Cherry Culture Haul came this afternoon! Delindel and I got very similar things this time XD

I was so excited I may have put through another order..maybe ><

I made sure I took photos and swatches to share with you. Did I mention that you should really go to Cherry Culture? GO NOW! We managed to get in on the tale end of their 5th birthday sale ^_^ 25% percent off. Woot! But Cherry Culture is all so reasonably priced anyway.

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Cherry Culture Haul Review

30 Sep

So we all know I have a problem when it comes to shopping right? So it would be no surprise if I told you I also have a problem when it comes to online shopping. *sigh* You would think the opening hours of stores would limit me but nooooo online you can shop when ever you like. XD

Anyway, I have already reviewed Beauty Joint (find the review here), an amazing place where we can get all those brands that you can’t get all of or any of in New Zealand. The other week I managed to find us another online cosmetics store >< Well two Crush Cosmetics and Cherry Culture. I am yet to order from Crush Comestics but they do look very good.

Delindel and I have put through two joint orders already with Cherry Culture and received one already! Yaaay! So I thought I would review Cherry Culture and share with you what we brought.

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Delindel’s First Recent Purchase Review

30 Sep

MaSucree has done quite a few of these things already and I thought it would be a bit silly of me to do a tea review 3 posts in a row! I have more tea reviews coming of course (I took some notes this morning, and am taking some more right now!) but today I thought I’d go over a few of my recent (and some not-so-recent) purchases.

Almost 3 weeks ago MaSucree and I received a new Beauty Joint order that MaSucree posted briefly about here. I thought I’d finally get around to showing off the things I got! In that order I picked up two Nyx round lipsticks (Hades and Champagne), a Nyx jumbo eye pencil (Milk) , a Nyx slide-on eye pencil (Jewel), and a Milani nail polish (Jewel FX Gems)! Yay!

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Delindel’s Newest Online Haul

13 Sep

Came home to a package from Beauty Joint – woohoo! I don’t have much time to post right now, so I’ll just share a few photos~

I got 6 new Kleancolor polishes, 2 Nyx jumbo eye pencils, and 2 Nyx round lipsticks! Woohoo!

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