Cherry Culture Haul – All The Nail Polishes!

2 Dec

So yesterday I cam home to a parcel from Cherry Culture I literally tore into it, as soon as I get the email saying my order has been shipped I start stalking the letterbox -_-

So I opened my parcel and found inside a butt load of lovely nail polishes and a eyeshadow for Mrs Delindel. I am yet to try any of my new polishes but I am so excited  as they are gorgeous colours.  We ordered this lot when Cherry Culture had their NYX sale. The main part of this order is NYX Girl Nail Polish.

Delindel’s Haul:

NYX Eye shadow in Skin Tight (not pictured).

Top row front to  back

  • 242. Lapis
  • 156. Buzz Worthy
  • 198. Gilded Glitter
  • 138. Boho
  • 218. Maui Sunrise (its actually pinker than the photo)
Bottom row front to back
  • 168. Spot Light
  • 223. Pistachio
  • 209. Dorothy
  • 200. Sea of Cortez
  • 158. Emerald Forest

MaSucree’s Haul:

L.A Colors Color Craze in Twilight (not pictured)

Top row left to right:

  • 139. Robotic
  • 129. Purple Noir
  • 116. Royal Purple
  • 147. Complex Purple
Bottom row left to right:
  • 165. Fire Amber
  • 131. Women
  • 209. Dorothy
  • 169. Super Funk
I just love the colour differences between mine and Delindel’s haul XD Did you see?? I brought glittery nail polishs, Delindel ‘s obssession is rubbing off on me I might even buy….pink nail polish :O

You would think when you recieve parcels in the mail it would satisfy online shopping urges, it just encourages mine further.

Speaking of which we may have possibly already put in two new orders :O “Don’t you have enough?” I hear you say “Shut your mouth” is what I say XD. I ordered myself a bottle of Sea of Cortez and Emerald Forest after I saw Delindel’s.

Anyway darlings, sorry about the sporadic posts but I’ll try and posts some swatches and get our butts back into gear.

Till next time



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