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Jordana Glitter Specialty Nail Polish Swatches

11 Mar

Right, so last time when I was finished showing off my Australis polishes, I promised you that next time you’d hear from me I’d come bearing glitter! My day off work didn’t deliver the best weather so I spent the day inside watching cheesy 90s movies, and playing with my new Jordana glitter specialty polishes. I only have 5 so far, but after testing them you can be sure that I’ll be ordering the rest… Everybody ready?

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Where on Earth has Delindel Been?!

4 Mar

Oh hi! It’s been a while huh? Just letting you know I’m not dead, just very tired most of the time XD

I’ve been really busy aside from work, trying to keep up with all my social obligations. Sometimes it’s tough having friends 😉 They know I love them really. Balancing work, family stuff, friends and husband time, along with blogging and gaming (yeah, continued addiction) is hard, especially if you have tendencies towards laziness like I do >_<

Aside from all that, it was also Sir Husband’s and my first wedding anniversary at the end of last month and we went on a mini getaway. So I thought I’d share some photos from that with you! We have been together for 7 years now, and husband and wife for one of those years 😀

Anyway, getaway photos!

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Peacock-Inspired Nails

26 Jan

So a couple of weeks ago I came across this picture in the Kleancolor Facebook group and thought, “Hey! That looks amazing. Maybe I’ll try it!”… They are some gorgeous sponged nails featuring peacock colours :3

So here’s the inspiration pic:

And here’s what I came up with!

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China Glaze ‘Joy’ Swatch… And a Cat.

1 Jan

Gosh Miss MaSucree is making me feel like a guilty failure again… In my defence, I was away on holiday and since I’ve been back I’ve been out with food poisoning. Not much fun for me! The cure seems to be bedrest, and a Harry Potter bluray marathon (thanks to Sir Husband).

My New Year’s Eve was extremely quiet. If you’re with me (personally) on Facebook, you’ll know that my fun activity of the evening was dangling things near Suki’s face and watching her whiskers twitch. It was actually very entertaining >_<

We all know why I’m here. Right? I’m guna show off my very first ever China Glaze nail polish (squeee!). These things are notoriously difficult to find in NZ, I’ve never seen one in a shop. However, beautiful Miss MaSu got me one bottle online for my Christmas present ^_^ I believe this particular polish is from the Spring 2009 Romantique Collection, and it is #690 Joy.

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Sydney Day Five – The Final Lot >_<

17 Dec

Oh look we finally got here! I’ve been pretty busy and completely unmotivated for blogging. Uni problems have put me in a very bad mood and the only thing I fancy doing on my days off and when I get home from work is watching The Office (I’ve loved the UK series for years, I’m watching the US version for the first time ever), and playing World of Warcraft.

Yep. Still got that addiction.

Anyway, on our last day in Sydney Sir Husband and I got up early to check out of the hotel. We stored our bags at reception while we headed down to Darling Harbour to kill time before our appointed time to see the Harry Potter Exhibition. Squee!

Since there were no photos allowed inside the exhibition (sucks to be you!), these photos are mostly from Darling Harbour.

Enjoy 🙂

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Sydney Day Four

12 Dec

Oops… It’s been a week since I posted Day Three >_< It’s a lot harder to keep up with everything at the moment, what with Christmas so near! I’ll try harder, I swear I will.


Anyway, on Day Four Sir Husband and I had a morning of shopping (I visited The Tea Centre and fell in love – I’ll be doing a separate post later!), we mainly hung around Paddy’s Markets and the City Market outlet shopping thing. In the afternoon we headed to the Chinese Friendship Garden.

Without further ado, I give you Random Christmas Decorations near George St, and a butt-tonne of photos from the garden.

Enjoy 🙂

Sydney Day 4: Sunday 20 November 2011

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More Tea – After Dinner Mint

14 Oct

You know I’ve been busy when all I have time to talk about is tea and nail polish 😉 Here’s another tea review, obviously from Aaah Tea. This one is the After Dinner Mint, one of their many flavoured blacks (my favourite kinds). Yay! I am in superlove with this tea – black Ceylon with chocolate, peppermint, spearmint, apple pieces and (best of all!) macadamia nuts. Heaven much?!

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New Shoes, and All About Gorgeous Jewellery

10 Oct

I swear, I’m trying hard to post whenever I can! Yesterday was, as predicted, a very long day at work but surprisingly not that busy. I guess everyone was making the most of the lovely weather! I had the opportunity to test out the new pair of summer shoes I bought on Friday!

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Update on Delindel

8 Oct

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s been so long since I posted that I feel ridiculously guilty and it makes it harder to think of what to post about! So instead of doing something daunting, I thought I’d share a little update on what’s going on (and why I’ve been so lax about posting).

First and foremost, I am fantastically excited to announce that Sir Husband and I have finally taken the leap and organised our honeymoon! On the 17th of November we’ll be jetting off to Sydney for 4 nights and 5 days, and I’m very happy about this, especially since we got married back in February! -_-‘ My exams will be over (that lucky sod Husband doesn’t have any exams), and it will be my third time out of the country in my whole 22 years! Sadly, all three of those times will have been to Australia, but ah well. Much better than a kick in the pants 😉

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Tea Review: Genmaicha

2 Oct

Tonight I have a bit of a review of one of Aaah’s green teas – the basic Genmaicha. This one is a mix of simple bancha (Japanese green) tea leaves, with some added roasted rice grains. Sounds strange to some people (MaSucree was a bit like “O_o wut?” when I told her about it!) but is surprisingly yummy!

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