Hobby Bazaar and Dukit Review

6 Jan

Parcels! Parcels! I love parcels! *dances*

Hello everyone! Hope your week has been good, mine has been filled with nail polish O_O like crazy amounts…but more on that later.

As you may have noticed I got a parcel in the mail yesterday! Oh yeah! This parcel is from Hobby Bazaar and is filled with Du-Kit Polymer Clay. I use Polymer Clay when I make things like my Cupcake Decorations. I have been running low lately on the main colours I used so I splurged and brought myself some more through Hobby Bazaar.

So the brand of Polymer Clay that I use it Dukit, it is a New Zealand brand of Polymer Clay that you can usually pick up from Bunnings or Warehouse stationery. It can be hard to locate all the colours at once so I have taken to buying it online.

I have tried using several different brands of Polymer Clay and I found that for me Dukit is the best. It doesn’t sweat which can be a problem with some of the clays as it can cause crumbling. It is more durable once baked and maintains a strong colour as well. I also find once it’s cold you can wash it gently to get dust off. It helps that it’s a New Zealand brand too ;-).

I discovered Hoby Bazaar on my search for an online retailer, Mr Gabby recommended them as well (he used them for model paint). There website has a simple design which is super easy to use and their check out process is a breeze. I loved how they sent prompt emails as well letting you know what is going on. There is nothing worse than being kept out of the loop when you’re waiting for parcels.

I was really impressed to see that my parcel was well wrapped but not overboard…because you really can’t damage the clay. However that’s not to say I didn’t appreciate the layers to protect it from all the bad weather we’ve been having.

What really won me over with Hobby Bazaar was how quickly my parcel was shipped even over the holiday period and how reasonably priced everything was. Dukit can go from anywhere from $3.00NZD -$6.00NZD, on Hobby Bazaar it was only $3.20 which was the reason I may have gone a little bit over board XD

See look at all the pretty colours I got 😮 I got four of the gold and dark brown as I run out of them both very quickly.

Now that I have restocked I have to get my butt into gear and get crafty! So keep your eyes open 🙂

Sooooo that was a little deviation from the normal posts there, just encase anyone is interested in what I use.

Have a good weekend!

❤ MaSucree

P.S. See what I mean by crazy amounts of polish…and I’ve brought 10 bottles more since this picture was taken Tuesday 😮


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