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MaSucree – Paying It Forward

23 Oct

One of our lovely readers Zoe who runs the drool-worthy Pantry and Fridge  featured us in one of her latest blog posts. Here’s what she wrote about us:

Domesticminxes – This domestic and informative blog is written by self-proclaimed “Divinely Crafty, Domestic Godessess” and I would have to agree. MaSucree and Delindel are two lovely ladies who live in Auckland, New Zealand and are extremely domestic and extremely good at it! This is the blog single-handedly keeps me in touch with my feminine side. They love all things girly and pretty. Delicious food, drinks, make-up, gardening, shopping, reviews, crafts…. they are very, very versatile. Adorably so. I could never be as focused as they are on such a variety of topics. It’s a well put together blog and I really love getting their posts.”

Isn’t she just lovely? So just as Zoe did I am going to list my top five favourite blogs.

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