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Reader Request: Dark Dark Blues!

30 Jan

We’ve had a reader asking about deep blue polishes, so I decided to swatch some today. I have a vast collection of blues, but I could only find four that kind of fit the limitations of “a really nice colour in that sort of vein… dark blue, like almost black sort of, but still blue.” One of them doesn’t really fit this description at all, but it’s so pretty I’m going to show it off anyway.

Now I know that Miss MaSucree has a much larger collection of colours-that-are-almost-black than I do, so I enlisted her help as well.

Right, so here’s mine:

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Shopping, Review, Swatches… The Usual ;)

9 Nov

I’ve been missing for a couple of days now! The usual kept me away – laziness, busy-ness, and work 😉 Today I come bearing small shopping endeavours, a small follow-up on a previous purchase, and a super awesome nail polish comparison.

First off:

Chocolate! Drool….

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Teal Polish Comparisons

12 Sep

Today I focused on catching up on housework – I gave the kitchen a complete makeover, took care of some washing and cleaned the bathroom. How very ~domesticated~ of me! I also got a nice surprise when I headed out to check the mail – a package from Nonpareil Boutique containing a few e.l.f. cosmetics for me!

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