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MaSucree’s Aaah Tea Parcel

9 Oct

Delindel has been quite busy the last week or so trying out teas and reviewing them I thought it was time I dusted out my tea pot as well.

Now I am not a big tea drinker, I am more of an insane coffee drinker. Every morning the first thing I do is down a cup of coffee before anything else. Don’t get me wrong I actually love the taste of coffee and I take it with no sugar. I am also very picky about my coffee, so my instant brew is Moccona classic and if I am out I will buy a trim flat white preferably double shot.

The tea I usually drink is Lipton Lemon and Honey, yes I know in a bag! I also have a vast selection of other teas but Gabby is a bit more into it than I am. There is one brand of tea that brings out the esscentric in me though, Aaah Tea.

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Delindel’s First Recent Purchase Review

30 Sep

MaSucree has done quite a few of these things already and I thought it would be a bit silly of me to do a tea review 3 posts in a row! I have more tea reviews coming of course (I took some notes this morning, and am taking some more right now!) but today I thought I’d go over a few of my recent (and some not-so-recent) purchases.

Almost 3 weeks ago MaSucree and I received a new Beauty Joint order that MaSucree posted briefly about here. I thought I’d finally get around to showing off the things I got! In that order I picked up two Nyx round lipsticks (Hades and Champagne), a Nyx jumbo eye pencil (Milk) , a Nyx slide-on eye pencil (Jewel), and a Milani nail polish (Jewel FX Gems)! Yay!

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New Hair Curler -Remington Tribal Tong

25 Sep

For the last couple of years I have been trying to perfect the 1940’s/1950’s waves, but I was never able to get it right. Having such thin hair you would think it would hold onto curls well but for some reason they used to drop out by the time I had finished curling one side. I had tried curling products, hot rollers, foam rollers and bucket of hair spray.

The other week when I was attempting to curl my hair with my older model Remington Curling iron I ended up throwing a “small” tantrum over how useless it was. Which meant I was given permission to investigate getting a new curling iron. The curling tong that kept catching my eye was the Remington Tribal Tong. Luckily after my “tantrum” Farmer’s was having a sale on the Remington Tribal Tong, it was down from the usual $100 NZD to $40.00 NZD.

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Australis Eyeshadow Primer Review

23 Sep

Hello darlinks!

Sorry it has been a while since you heard from me, but I have brought you an all new product review with swatches too!

Delindel got me interested in eyeshadow primer when she brought her own, so I started investigating what we had here in New Zealand. As you may have learnt by now we don’t get much here in New Zealand and I as I have discovered we get stuff about a year behind the rest of the world *le sigh*.

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Day Out with Mama and RPR Pt. 2

17 Sep

Hiya everyone! Hope you’ve been having a good weekend.

I have had another awesome day off from work, this time I spent it with my lovely Mama. In typical Saturday fashion we went shopping! We went to St Lukes this time because they have a huge selection of stores, I do have to admit I don’t usually like St Lukes but we went pretty early so there was not as many people.

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Recent Purchase Review

15 Sep

I have brought a lot recently and it is about time that I reviewed some of these purchases. I have only reviewed a few things this time round or else this post would be super long. I will more than likely do another Recent Purchase Review post soon since I have a lot to review.

If you have any questions about any of the products I have reviewed please leave a comment or contact me at domestic.minxes@gmail.com.

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Beauty Joint Review

9 Sep

Living in Auckland, New Zealand means that finding some brands can be very difficult, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty products. I find that Postie is actually pretty amazing when it comes to the reasonably priced hard-to-find makeup brands. Shockingly enough its $10.00 a bottle not including postage for Kleancolor nail polish from a NZ website (the evil TradeMe), whereas Postie have them for $4.00 a bottle or two bottles for $6.00. The only problem is that Postie never has the full range.

Delindel, being the amazing darling she is, has found a super awesome website Beauty Joint where you can order those obscure, inexpensive and amazing makeup brands. Some of the brands that they stock that we love are Kleancolor and NYX. These brands can be very difficult to find in New Zealand so I was super excited that we could finally order from the entire range for the same reasonable price.

We tried very hard to be restrained and only picked four nail polish colours eachfrom the Kleancolor range. The colours we picked were:

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