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Baking With MaSucree – Melting Moments

11 Nov

My dad really loves melting moments as a treat for his birthday or Christmas my Nana would make them for him. So this for Father’s day (I know a while back now) I made him some and he was so chuffed. While I was making them I took some photos so I could share with you the recipe. Some of the steps are missing photos as it is a lil hard to take photos and ice biscuits XD

These biscuits are really easy to make but I find that they taste best the next day as the icing absorbs into the biscuits a bit and they get that perfect melty, crumbly texture. So if you want them for something make them the day before.

Also I of course did not come up with this recipe it is from my trusty Edmond’s Cookbook.

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Cooking with MaSucree – Easy Cannelloni

23 Oct


Om nom nom nom! Anything that combines pasta, tomatoes and veges is instantly a fave for me. Pasta is super easy to make and expirement with. However the same old same old can get very boring so I try regularly to mix it up.

I posted earlier that I had been cooking Cannelloni with a positive outcome so I thought I would share the recipe that I got from the latest NZ Healthy Food Guide.

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Sweet Chili Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

16 Oct

Hello lovelies! It is time for another recipe. This is tonight’s dinner at the MaSucree + Gabby household.¬†This is my fail safe yummy Sweet Chili Chicken Stir Fry. Gabby really loves it and even he likes to cook it too. It is nice and easy to make and takes no time.

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Delindel, the Queen of Last Minute Meals

14 Sep

Ever gotten home quite late at night, felt exhausted at the thought of cooking dinner, and then realised you forgot to get meat out to thaw anyway? Yeah that’s what happened to me tonight. So I thought I’d share a fantastic last-minute-I-forgot-I’d-have-to-make-dinner dinner recipe! Continue reading

Bagel Pizza Melts

11 Sep

I have been trying hard lately to inject some different dinner ideas into my repertoire. I have been reading the New Zealand Healthy Food Guide like mad trying to get some inspiration. One of the latest recipes I gave a go was Bagel Pizza Melts.

They are super easy to make and are super yummy! It turned out so well I thought I would share the recipe with you. I did alter it a little to suit what a like, so I reckon you could also things like bacon, etc to it too.

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Chicken Garlic Pasta with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

5 Sep

This is one of my favourite comfort foods, it is also super easy and you can leave it to cook itself (naturally you do have to check every now and then).

My mama first came up with the recipe for Garlic Pasta which is pasta with olive oil, raw garlic and parmesan cheese which you can add bacon and mushrooms to if you please. I wanted something a little bit different so one day after my late night at work I came home and added all sorts of things to the usual garlic pasta.

The recipe I am providing you with feed me and Gabby with a little bit for lunch the next day. You can add and subtract to your own liking.

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MaSucree’s Peanut Butter Cookies

2 Sep

I found this recipe in the latest issue of the New Zealand Healthy Food Guide. I am so glad that I gave them a go as they are super yummy! I hope you can enjoy them too.

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