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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 17

17 Oct

Today was glitter and since I’ve had an awful headache all day, I didn’t feel like doing anything too fancy. So I hunted down my most outrageous glitter and went to town with it!

This is the awesome Milani Jewel FX polish ‘Gems’. It’s a dupe for heaps of rainbow glitter polishes by big name brands, I know that there are definitely OPI and Deborah Lippmann polishes that are practically the same. It’s super crazy and intense! This was approximately 3 coats (after 2 I started dabbing to fill in any bare spots).

Photos don’t do this polish any justice as at all in the sun, it is SO SHINY. Like you walk outside and glance at your nails, and it’s all POW now you have no vision! >_<

Til tomorrow~

-Del x



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