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Cooking With MaSucree: Pumpkin Soup

31 Mar

My goodness! You mean I do other things beside shop and swatch nail polish?! XD I know dear readers where have I been? and thanks goodness I brought food to make up for it. For the last wee while an assignment has been holding me captive, it is almost done I promise 🙂

How have you all been? I hope your weekends have been free to cook, craft, play with makeup or even just take it easy. Besides my assignment I did get to go out to the movies, like most people you can guess what I saw….The Hunger Games. I may have come home and immediately ordered all three of the books.

Anyway onto the recipe!

One of the very first posts I did was a recipe for my Mama’s amazing pumpkin soup. Now that I have a better camera I wanted to repost the recipe. I adore pumpkin soup and the best thing is that it is one of the easiest things to make.

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Pumpkin Soup Like Mama makes

15 Aug

I absolutely adore pumpkin soup and no one makes it better than my mama. So over a cup of coffee I got the recipe. It is a super duper easy recipe that you can add and take away extras to suit your own personal taste.

First of all you can make this soup with hardly any pumpkin to a heck of a lot of pumpkin, depends on how much you want it to make. For this recipe I am going to use ½ a pumpkin. ½ a pumpkin feeds four people with a little bit spare the next day. If you use more than ¾ of a pumpkin use a whole onion, and increase the chicken and curry stock to 3tsp. Or you can leave it as is, if you’re not too fond of curry powder. Continue reading
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