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Delindel’s Galaxy NotD

15 Jan

Hmm hmm hmm, let’s conveniently overlook the fact that I’ve been silent for almost a week now, and get right back into it with awesomeness and a bang! THE BIG BANG. I decided to make my very first attempt at some fancy nail art (i.e. not just a tape mani or some lovely layering) today, and thought I’d share both hands with you – the not-so-good practice on my left hand, and my slightly better-looking right hand when I started to get the hang of it XD

I am of course talking about the galaxy nail trend that has been around for a few months now. I used this tutorial over on Beautylish, but I’ve seen other tutorials that are basically the same thing floating around the internet.

Anyway, while they are by absolutely no means perfect, I’m quite pleased with them as my first try ^_^

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Nails of the Day ~ Noob Patchwork Nails

13 Nov

Yes it’s nails again. Getting bored yet? 😉 Too bad, I don’t have time for baking and crafting what with exams, and the spending ban has put a serious damper on shopping endeavours.

So nails it is! Deal with it 😉 When I’m back from Sydney I’ll have more exciting things to post about!

That being said, I had a lot of fun with what I’m about to post. A few weeks ago my awesome sister (who was featured here) linked this incredible blog on my Facebook page and since then I’ve been itching to play with tape and nail polish. Since yesterday I featured the Boots N07 Sorbet, last night I started playing with my other Boots No7 colour, Taffeta. And some cheap cheap cheap cellotape. So the lines aren’t perfect.

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