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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 20

20 Oct

Phew, day 20! We are getting there! Woop woop.

Today’s challenge was water-marbling. I’ve done water-marbling before, so the main challenge was choosing colours and not bumping the already-done nails (failed at that one). Now, I could have gone for something subtle, classy, and fancy. But instead I did THIS!

Muahahahahhaa!! Pinks and oranges don’t often get utilised by moi, I gravitate towards blues, greens and browns/nudes. So I thought I’d do something different and bright. I used a white base (it makes the colours pop more), then Jordana Soft Pink, Pink Lemonade, Tangy, and Sweet Orange for the marbling. You can see swatches of all my Jordana polishes here.

They make me think of disco or hippie swirly patterns… I know what I mean >_<

Tomorrow we get into the scary stuff! All the “inspired by” challenges. I’m feeling rather apprehensive.

-Del x

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