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Cherry Culture Haul Four

31 Oct

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all have been well and looking after yourself. I am feeling a lot better though my head is a little bit on the sore side -_- I got a concussion while at work last week. Yes I know, at the Library a concussion, how? You ask. Well…I was shelving in the basement level and a book end pinged out from the shelf when I touched it and hit me in the temple -_- Doctor said I have a minor concussion and need to be taking it easy *sigh* what a work story.

BUT I had a lovely surprise this morning in the letter box, our latest Cherry Culture order wooo!! Look at all the pretty things squeee! I also added some swatches šŸ™‚

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Second Cherry Culture Haul Review

1 Oct

YAY!! Our Second Cherry Culture Haul came this afternoon! Delindel and I got very similar things this time XD

I was so excited I may have put through another order..maybe ><

I made sure I took photos and swatches to share with you. Did I mention that you should really go to Cherry Culture? GO NOW! We managed to get in on the tale end of their 5th birthday sale ^_^ 25% percent off. Woot! But Cherry Culture is all so reasonably priced anyway.

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Cherry Culture Haul Review

30 Sep

So we all know I have a problem when it comes to shopping right? So it would be noĀ surpriseĀ if I told you I also have a problem when it comes to online shopping. *sigh* You would think the opening hours of stores would limit me but nooooo online you can shop when ever you like. XD

Anyway, I have already reviewed Beauty Joint (find the review here), an amazing place where we can get all those brands that you can’t get all of or any of in New Zealand. The other week I managed to find us another online cosmetics store >< Well two Crush Cosmetics and Cherry Culture. I am yet to order from Crush Comestics but they do look very good.

Delindel and I have put through two joint orders already with Cherry Culture andĀ receivedĀ one already! Yaaay! So I thought I would review Cherry Culture and share with you what we brought.

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