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MaSucree’s Latest Online Haul

14 Sep

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since you heard from me. I’ve been super busy! Some of it a good busy. I went on a library road trip yesterday for work, it was more fun than it sounds…honest. XD Maybe you have to been a Librarian to understand.

Anyway Delindel is not the only one who has beenĀ receivingĀ parcels in the mail. Our second joint Beauty Joint order came today. This time it only took a week to come! Here’s what was inside:

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Beauty Product Suggestions

26 Aug

After I had had a Red Bull and was talking poor Lauren’s (sorry by the way) ear off about makeup and beauty products, I came to an idea. I have tried a heck of a lot of beauty products in the last couple of years. Until I moved out this year my bathroom cupboard was full to the brim and then some with bottles and pots of anything and everything.

Now that I live out of home I have been going through my stash and finally deciding on what I do actually like. I can now recommend you just about anything for any need. So I thought that with my newly discovered gift of the gab when it comes to beauty products I would share with you some of my recommendations.

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