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KleanColor Swatch Post the Latest Eleven

6 Feb

Hello Lovely Readers!

Gabby is home! Yaaay!

As promised here is the swatches for my latest haul of KleanColor Swatches. I am so pleased with the colours I have brought.

Now less talk and onto the photos!

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Latest Nail Polish Swatches from MaSucree

17 Jan

This week my nail polish collection hit 100, not including clear coats or treatments -_- When we started this blog August last year I only had four colours and I barely used them. Now I have 100 and counting and paint my nails every day.

This week was not exception from any, I brought over 10 bottles this week. So now I have to show them all to you šŸ™‚

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KleanColor Alter Ego Metallic Eyeliner – Swatches and Reviews

16 Jan

Evening lovely readers!

Hope you all have been well. I have been home the last day and a half from work -_- Nothing too major just feeling like I’ve been run over my a truck. I don’t think I’ve been looking after myself the very best, but Gabby has been looking after me.

So today’s post is a quick review andĀ gratuitousĀ amounts of photos of our new KleanColor Alter Ego Metallic Eyeliner Duo.

We picked these up Saturday when we went to Henderson Mall from the 123 Mart. They were each $3.90, what a steal!. There are seven colours all together: teal, purple, blue, silver, gold, copper and black. We brought purple, blue, gold, copper and black, with of course a plan to pick up all the other colours too. Each liner comes with both a pencil and a liquid liner, which looks good together or separate.

For a dollar store find I am very impressed with the quality of these liners. Even though we use KleanColor nail lacquer, the rest of a brand is a mystery to us. Whether expensive, mid range or cheap, there is no guarantee that the entire range will be any good.

The pigment of all the colours is just right, I was a bit worried about how bold the colours would be but they are perfect. The colour isn’t too pale but it isn’t too over the top either. I also found the application was different to what I had experienced with any other liquid liner. The brush was a little bit shorter and did not flail about when you apply it to your eye lid, which meant there was little to no mess.

I would rate the liquid liner at four stars and the pencil and three and a half šŸ™‚

Now time for your photos!
EDIT: Swatches are laid out liquid liner on to and then pencil on the bottom, except for black which is reversed.

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MaSucree’s Week Worth of Nail Polish

7 Jan

Time for nail polish!

This week my nail polish collection jumped by 32 bottls šŸ˜® Sweet Jeebus I know!

Delindel and I went shopping on Tuesday and discovered that the Dollar King and 123 mart at my local mall stocked KleanColor. At Dollar King we were stalking the poor young girl who was stocking the nail polish shelves. She would put two bottles out of a new colour we would grab them when she turned away. In the end her and who we believe to her mum just brought out the boxes from out the back and went through them with us. We may not have been paying attention to how many we grabbed.

Some of these colours we have been dribbling over for a long time so it was exciting to finally be able to buy them without waiting two weeks for them to arrive.

I haven’t swatched my entire haul as Delindel would like to swatch and share some of her’s too. What we have taken to doing is uploading nail polish swatches to Flickr and then posting them later. So if you want to see our latest swatches visit our Flickr to see what’s new.

So let’s get onto the nail polish porn!

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