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The Biggest Beauty Joint Order Yet

5 Feb

Parcels! Parcels! Parcels!

Last week we ordered from Beauty Joint our biggest order yet, admittedly it was for three people. Our friend and honorary Domestic Minx, Miriam ordered with us.

The poor delivery man though -_- it was raining so he wanted to make sure I was home cause the box was so big, I was….but I was in the shower. He knocked so urgently I thought it was something important (ok it was) so I flew out with my towel around me and answered the door. Poor man -_-

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Latest KleanColor Swatches and Swatch Updates

31 Dec

For Christmas this year the lovely Mr Gabby brought me some KleanColor nail polishes. (Isn’t he amazing?!). I’ve had a few bottles of KleanColor stashed away as well that I never got round to trying, so I thought it was time to get my butt into gear and swatch them. There was also a few old swatches that I wanted to update either because the photo quality was poor or my nails looked awful.

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