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MaSucree’s Week of Excess

18 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

How has your week been? I hope it has been better than mine, I went home early from work and have had a couple of days off sick. Delindel took me shopping so I would stop feeling sorry for myself, which worked.

So on to the shopping. When I say I did large amounts of shopping I mean it!  Since it was such a redonk amount of shopping I thought I would share with you what I got. Enjoy :3

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MaSucree’s Retail Therapy

29 Jan

Good afternoon lovely readers!

Del has been amazing at looking after you all while I have been busy! Isn’t she clever with all her nail art and yummy food T_T My nail art is still very noobish so you wont be seeing any of it for a while yet XD

Gabby is away for a while so my Mama took me out for some retail therapy. Early yesterday morning we visited the street market in Blockhouse Bay. There were stalls full of home made baking (which I was strong and resisted), organic veges, plants and perserves.

After the market I then went on my own little mission for some new lipsticks and of course I came back with a bit more than that. So to make up for my absence I’m going to show you my haul from yesterday.

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La Dolce Vita – Jewellery Boutique

4 Jan

I mentioned earlier that I went shopping with my Mama over the New Years weekend. We stopped into L’Occitane to pick up some yummy smelling products and visited many of our other favourite St Lukes Mall shops. One of our favourite stores is La Dolce Vita. It is this lovely little jewellery boutique where you find unique and handmade jewellery. My mama has herself quite the collection of beautiful, one off, unique pieces from this store.

Sadly La Dolce Vita at St Lukes is shutting down. However upon talking to the store owner, they mentioned that after a small break they may venture online. So I have attached their Facebook page so you can have a look. “La Dolce Vita on Facebook“.

I really wanted to mention La Dolce Vita today even though they are shutting down because of how stunning their jewellery is. The people who run it are also always friendly and interesting to talk to and are generally passionate about what they do. I really do hope they set up a new store whether online or a physical store ❤

Below you will see the lovely earrings and necklace I picked up this weekend.

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Beading Fun

18 Aug

I had big plans to do a tutorial on basic earrings for beginners, but right now I am way too busy with everything! So instead I have a few photos of my favourite piece of jewellery ~ that I made myself ^_^

I don’t particularly feel like doing a tutorial for this, besides I made it around a year ago, and it’s too special to duplicate. Now this circlet started out as a bowl full of beads (sorry about the bad lighting):

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