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Jordana Nail Polish Swatches

18 Sep

Today I have a complete butt-tonne of swatches for you! I’ve noticed in the blog search field that we get a lot of hits from people looking for Jordana polish swatches. I had quite a few up on Flickr, but hadn’t shared them directly in a post. Also I’d gotten more since I uploaded those ones! So this post is mega swatch-spam.

I really like Jordana polishes, they go on easily at 2-3 thin coats, have a quite-good dry time for how cheap they are, and best of all they work amazingly for water marbling! Plus here in NZ they are generally sold at $3 a bottle, which is epic. I’ve decided to start with the older photos that were uploaded on Flickr, then I’ll move on to the newer swatches.

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Shopping, Review, Swatches… The Usual ;)

9 Nov

I’ve been missing for a couple of days now! The usual kept me away – laziness, busy-ness, and work 😉 Today I come bearing small shopping endeavours, a small follow-up on a previous purchase, and a super awesome nail polish comparison.

First off:

Chocolate! Drool….

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