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Winter Polish Drying Fail: Featuring NotDs and Swatches!

1 Jul

I don’t even think there’s any to say here except I’m super sorry we’ve been so blargh about posting lately. I know that I’m exhausted and I know that MaSucree is exhausted too. Even though there’s not that much going on at the moment, it feels like EVERYTHING is snowballing.

For me, it’s been really difficult to get myself to do anything at all since my cat disappeared. I’m actually devastated but Sir Husband is trying to keep me positive. It’s been difficult because I’m home alone most of the day while he’s at work keeping busy. I’m not working at the moment (I left Overland in order to find something more suited to me), but I’m feeling zero motivation since Suki went missing 😦 Every little sound has me jumping and calling for her.

Anyway, I have some naily things for you. There’s not much, but I hope you’ll enjoy the few things I have. First up is the main reason for lack of posting…

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China Glaze For Audrey Mermaid’s Tail NotD

16 May

Tonight I thought I’d show off the first thing I did with my new China Glazes. Wooo!

Okay, so with 19 new bottles I had a lot of trouble deciding what shade to wear first, so of course I turned to MaSucree and asked for her help. She told me to try For Audrey first, so I did! For Audrey is a gorgeous Tiffany blue creme, it’s a staple for any nail polish addict 😀 So I put on 2 coats and a  top coat of Seche Vite and left it alone for an hour or so. After an hour I felt like it was a waste, having just one polish on there when I had 19 new ones, so I found two more bottles and got to work.

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