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Big Ol’ Potful of Random from December 2012

23 Jan

Haaaai guise! I know I gave you a smidgen of an update a few weeks ago (oops) but I think I’m over being such a terrible blogger. In December my family and I suffered a tragic loss and it really had a negative effect on my desire to blog about stuff. It’s been a tough time and things still hurt, but I’m focussing on happy memories and I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my job, which I started last Monday. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my status saying that yes, I’m still painting my nails every day, but sometimes I don’t catch them on camera! (Like today – woops! I’ll have to re-create today’s look for you at a later date, it was fantastic and gained me many a compliment at work).

Anyway, as a result of my negligence I have quite a backlog of photos to show you. Today’s photos are all from December, with one from November chucked in.



2 coats Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly, 1 coat China Glaze Glitter All the Way (this one’s from November)


2 coats China Glaze Exotic Encounters, 1 coat Nfu Oh 56

Terribly terrible photo, but lovely combo!

03decI received a package from I Love NP: Up to Snow Good and Something About Merry

04dec2 coats China Glaze For Audrey, 1 coat I Love NP Up to Snow Good

05dec2 coats Orly Dazzle, 1 coat I Love NP Something About Merry

After this I drastically chopped off my nails, eep!

06decAnd this is what I wore to the funeral. She would have loved it ❤

2 coats China Glaze Trophy Wife, Liquid Leather for flowers, and rhinestones from BornPretty Store.

07dec2 coats Mode Vicious Venom, gradient using China Glaze Pure Joy and Golden Enchantment

08decChristmas Day nails (awful photo!) using Jessie’s tutorial, China Glaze With Love, Kleancolor White, Jordana Black Mark, and Revlon Gold Coin.

09dec2 coats LA Colors Candy Sprinkles

Ta-dah! Wasn’t that fun? A mish-mash of random crap is always awesome. You’re welcome!

See you all next time ❤

-Del xx

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 14

14 Oct

Today’s challenge was flowers, which I haven’t done a lot of. A while back I did a design with some simplistic dotted flowers, and I once attempted a single nail with the oh-so-popular vintage rose design I’ve seen everywhere. But today I wanted to try something new and challenging for me, and felt inspired by the awesome Jessie of Nailed It NZ. She recently posted an easy tutorial for her awesome daisy nails, so I thought I’d try it out!

I went for a completely different and unrelated colour palette, mostly because I felt inspired by the maxi dress I happened to be wearing today. It’s mostly black, with these lovely pink/teal flowers on it. I went for a teal base with pink daisies, accented by black centres.

The teal is China Glaze (of course) Exotic Encounters, from the Safari collection. I absolutely ADORE this shade, it looks amazing on my skintone and in general is just a gorgeous shade. Everyone should have it! The daisies are a bastardised shade of red, blue and white that I mixed using my acrylic paints, and the black is just acrylic paint too. I used nail art brushes and a dotting tool from Born Pretty Store. Every nail fiend should shop there! As soon as I get some moolah I’m going on a BPS spree >_<

So anyway, that’s it! Mine are obviously not as neat and practised as Jessie’s, but I love her design and I’ll definitely do it again! Everyone should go check her blog out, she does the coolest nail art and she’s here in NZ too 😀

Until tomorrow (which is still unplanned)

-Del x

Let’s Play “What’s in my Garden?” with Delindel!

16 Jan

I love gardening, and spending time in the garden. This may come as a shock to you, since you probably all know how much I love pretty nails and soft hands, but there’s something quite relaxing and therapeutic about spending a sunny day in the garden.

I haven’t had much time for gardening this summer, what with work and job-hunting and blogging and the gaming I waste my time on. Not to mention that we haven’t had many gardening-worthy days at all. So my garden has started to grow a bit wild! It’s a good thing I’ve always rather preferred a wild garden. A couple of days ago we had a brief sunny spell in the afternoon, so I ran outside with the camera and got a few snapshots of the things currently lurking in my garden…

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Gardening Fun with Sir Husband and Miss Suki

24 Sep

So on Thursday I posted a hint about today’s post… I know it said tomorrow, but I had a very busy Friday! That being said, I also have a hugely busy weekend planned, I’m writing this post while watching the clock because I have a dinner to get to tonight >< Anyway! I shall reveal my Thursday project… A mini herb garden!

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