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Clay Cupcake Decorations

24 Dec

Good evening Sweetie Darlings!

Tomorrow is Christmas!!! Woooo!!! Only a few more hours to wait!!! Well for those of us who live in New Zealand land it is. 🙂

Today in between house cleaning and long walks with Mr Gabby I got crafty…I know it happened again…I’m frightened too.

At work we had a secret Santa and Jordan (I found out later he had me) was an awesome secret Santa and gave me Cupcake Cookie Cutters and a Zombie finger puppet. I have to admit I am not a big cookie fan…well making them so I thought I could maybe use them in my clay creations as well baking. (I promise I clean them in very hot, soapy water first before baking after clay).

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MaSucree at Armageddon Expo + My Weekend

1 Nov

I had the busiet most super fun weekend this weekend! To start on Friday Delindel and her hubby came over for dinner and I fed them up good, Del got a little tipsy and fixed my boots ^_^ The elevator at work (the same day I got concussed by a bookend) took a bite out of my most favourite (expensive) black leather boots.  I think the boots was more upsetting than the head injury. AMYWAY she fixed them you can not tell unless your up close and personal with my feet ^_^ THANK YOU SWEETIE! So I started the beginning of my long weekend off with a lovely dinner and good company ❤

On Saturday Gabby and I went to:
(Picture is so not mine).

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Cooking with MaSucree – Easy Cannelloni

23 Oct


Om nom nom nom! Anything that combines pasta, tomatoes and veges is instantly a fave for me. Pasta is super easy to make and expirement with. However the same old same old can get very boring so I try regularly to mix it up.

I posted earlier that I had been cooking Cannelloni with a positive outcome so I thought I would share the recipe that I got from the latest NZ Healthy Food Guide.

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Kraftbomb Review

29 Sep

Why yes I still exist!

Delindel has been amazing this week in keeping the post schedule alive while I have been down and out with a super nasty stomach bug/food poisoning/whatever it is. I am sort of better at the moment just really tired now >< BUT this means I feel up to posting again!

Last Sunday we went to Kraftbomb, by me I mean Delindel, my mama and I. I did not realise it was so close! Kraftbomb is a craft fair that happens on the last Sunday of every month at the Grey Lynn Community Centre Main Hall. You do not have to pay to get in and it starts at 11am and goes to 2pm. Check out their blog for more information.

I was good and went round all the stalls before I got my money out. I got to meet so many lovely crafty people and I came away with a small bundle of hand made goodness.

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