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Delindel, the Queen of Last Minute Meals

14 Sep

Ever gotten home quite late at night, felt exhausted at the thought of cooking dinner, and then realised you forgot to get meat out to thaw anyway? Yeah that’s what happened to me tonight. So I thought I’d share a fantastic last-minute-I-forgot-I’d-have-to-make-dinner dinner recipe! Continue reading

Delindel and her Late Night Baking Addiction

11 Sep

I only ever seem to get the urge to bake at night. It’s weird. And probably annoys our neighbours when I’m mixing stuff… >_<

It’s been aaages since I’ve baked anything because of the constant stress of uni and work, coupled with the fact that I was so sick for so long (I’m still coughing a bit but I’m mostly better now).

Continue reading

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