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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 7

7 Oct

Today’s prescription is black & white. Starting to branch out from the plain colours now, woohoo!

I decided to pull out my stamps! Since I have a butt-tonne of plates but hardly ever get around to stamping. So I did two coats of Kleancolor’s White as the base, then stamped using Kleancolor Black and plate BM319. Then I used the normal brush from the Kleancolor Black to paint on a kind of jagged tip to make it look better.


From tomorrow I’ll be showcasing with shorter nails because they’ve shrunk! I mean, not really. I cut them. I’ve been trying for some time to grow out some yellow staining, and at this longer length the yellowed tips were so noticeable when I wasn’t wearing polish. They’re still yellow, but it’s less noticeable on my shorter nubbins.

There were other reasons for chopping them too. Harder to use my smartphone, harder to get night cream out of its tub, harder to get lip balm out of its tub, I kept scratching my husband… I could go on.


-Del x

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