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CR Cairuo Polish Haul SWATCHES

8 Nov

A few days ago I posted my haul of the new CR range of polishes in the adorable bottles… And today I got around to swatching them! Even though I actually have quite a backlog of things to get done for the blog, the lovely Lani asked me for these swatches and I’m very obliging ūüėČ Though I must confess that these were a nightmare to photograph in cloudy schizo Auckland weather, blech!

L-R: #12, #09, #31, #34, #33

First up is #12, a pastel pink-leaning purple. This is two easy coats, but the photo makes it appear cooler than it actually is. IRL it’s a bit warmer!

Next is #09, a pale but bright peach (if that makes sense…). This was two coats, but it could have done with a third on my middle finger. I always find that peach polishes streak on me regardless of how carefully I apply them, even my China Glaze ones D:

Next up is #31, a gorgeous terracotta-y brick colour (I’m terrible at describing colours). This is two coats, and has the best formula in my opinion. Definitely the easiest to apply of the bunch, it was completely effortless. Plus I adore these sorts of colours *sparkly eyes*

And now #34, the darker brown that was featured in the cloud design I did here. Two coats, nice and simple, no hassles with streaking or anything.

And then #33, a lighter tan/taupe, and a colour I’m completely in love with, and it was used during the challenge as well. Two coats here! This one again is much better IRL, it’s warmer. My camera was just being a total butthead!

L-R: #21, #16, #17, #13, #11

This one is #21, a pastel grape green and the absolute WORST to photograph! It looks pretty amazing on, don’t be fooled by the scary photo D: It’s much less yellowy? I think? IRL. It was extremely frustrating, the camera kept turning my skin bright red and the polish bright green. Ugh! It’s so pretty! Buy it if you find it!

Then #16, a pastel sky blue that was also featured in the cloud design. A welcome addition to my collection because shockingly enough, I didn’t actually have a sky blue creme (which I discovered when rummaging for one to do my Totoro nails…)

Now #17, which is more of a mid-blue ūüôā This one came out a little dark in photos, it’s a smidge lighter than shown here.

Then the second worst one to photograph, #13. This is a lovely mid purple, but the photos made it look so so so blue. It is NOT blue. At all! It is purple. So imagine it more purple. Stupid camera T_T I do love this one’s formula and shininess though :3

And last but not least, #11, which is a medium almost-barbie pink. I’m not sure if many of you know this, but red and pink are my most dreaded nail polish colours. I have quite a few of them, but it’s hard for me to find reds and pinks I genuinely love on me (I love them ALL in their bottles, but not so much on me). But I really really like this pink! ūüėÄ Maybe because it’s kinda blue toned, and has quite a dusky quality to it in person.

Anyway, that’s the lot! I hope you guys are prepared for more early Christmas stuff, because I’m still ridonk excited about Christmas polish at the moment (I will be until New Year’s I think!). I’ve got a couple of Christmassy layering combos to show off, a Head2Toe haul, and an unrelated-to-haul-but-still-new-to-my-collection-and-totally-amazing Mode polish to share too. Yep, the new Mode polish is so amazing it gets its own post!


See you tomorrow~

-Del x

Pst… See how my skintone changes with every photo of there? That’s how you know the weather was being a pain in my arse -_-‘

CR Cairuo Polish Haul

4 Nov

Just a little post today to show off my haul of Cairuo polishes! You may remember that on day 30 of the challenge, I used three of these little polishes for the cloud design. Well, I fell so in love with them that I made the Husband take me back to the store today so I could pick up a few more! Since I had $14 cash on me, I picked out 7. So here’s a couple of photos of all 10 together! (I still plan on getting more…)

L-R: #21, #16, #17, #13, #11

L-R: #12, #09, #31, #34, #33

I kinda hate how they don’t have names, but I am also kinda completely in love with them! They’re opaque in an easy 2 coats, they dry fairly quickly for a $2 polish, and they have a great range of colours! Plus I love love love the bottles, they’re small but I have so many polishes that this isn’t an issue. And they have matching lids. MATCHING LIDS, PEOPLE! *flails* None of my other polishes have ever had matching lids. #nailaddictproblems

I’ll do some swatches as soon as weather allows so you can see how they look on the nail :3 If you come across these stands in your travels, don’t hesitate to pick a few up!

-Del x

P.S. If you’re curious, I bought them from Bits n Bobs in Westfield Manukau City for $2 NZD apiece (for those of you chillin’ in Auckland).

Experiments in Nail Art with Delindel

14 Apr

Hey guys! Long time no see >_< I did warn you last time that I’d be pretty busy with birthdays (the Husband is finally the same age as me) and work and weddings! I made it through, but just after I got back from the out-of-town Easter weekend wedding, I got super sick. Blech!

However, this does mean that I’ve been playing with nail polish a bit, since there’s nothing better to do when you’re sick than watch Top Gear and try stuff you’ve never tried before. So tonight I’m quickly sharing two sets of nails, showcasing my first foray into crackle/shatter polish, and my first attempt at detailed nail art and sticking jewels to my nails…

Wanna see?

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CR Nail Polish Swatches

1 Mar

Before I got into nail polish in a big way I was a bit of a nail polish snob. I would never have thought about buying nail polish from a dollar or discount store. First of all the displays were lacking and they always tucked away some where that you couldn’t see the colours too well.

Once I discovered KleanColor which is a very inexpensive brand but with amazing quality, I went on a mission to try other cheap brands. Because surely if there was one amazing brand hiding in the teeny bopper infested discount stores there would be more.

The brand that I have most recently discovered is CR polishes or Care Romeis Beauty. CR doesn’t seem to have a website that I can find and nor do they seem to have a big following online. However I am¬†pleasantly¬†surprised at the range of colours that are available. So far I have found them in random discount/variety stores out West Auckland. My biggest haul coming from A-Z in Henderson Mall. ¬†Each well sized bottle is $2.00 NZD and the Henderson store has amazing colours.

So take a look at the colours I picked up last month, warning there are a tonne of pictures.

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