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MaSucree’s Mode Polishes

21 Apr

Hello Lovelies!

I have had a very good weekend and now feel fully recovered from what ever type of sickness/plague I had. My trip to Dressmart when extremely well; I found a store finally that sold Sinful Colors Nail polish *swoon* and another store that sold E.L.F. If you live in New Zealand you will know that you do not find these brands in an actual store. I also got the most amazing dusty blue dress I am just looking for a reason to wear it now.

Today Gabby and I went to the Auckland Zoo. I got to see the Tigers and BABY MEERKATS!! Squee! There was of course many other animals but the Tigers and Meerkats are my favourites. I was a numpty and forgot to put the battery back in my camera so no photos to share with you 😦

BUT I do have some other photos to share with you….nail polish ones :3 Delindel has already shared with you Mode Nail polish. I wanted to try this brand out for myself and so I got 12 polishes of my own. I am going to share with you five polishes today as they are the only ones Del hasn’t already shared.

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Easy Berry Smoothies with Delindel

3 Jan

Right. Since it’s the New Year, and it’s summer, I’ve decided to try to be good this year! So instead of pigging out on chocolates for dessert last night (we got given a lot of chocolate over Christmas), I made some tasty summer berry smoothies instead.

One of my favourite things about living where I do is that we have a Farro supermarket not TOO far away. Walking distance even. It’s a bit of a stretch for me because I hate wasting my time walking, but hey. It’s summer. And walking is good. I like going to Farro because I really do feel like everything there is super fresh; best of all, they support small New Zealand growers. Plus there’s something neat about being able to buy a hot fresh coffee from a counter in the centre of the supermarket, then paying for it at the checkouts.

Anyway, yesterday I went for a big ole walk out to Farro and picked up a random selection of fresh fruits and vegetables… This is relevant because this is where I got the idea that smoothies would be an excellent and healthy alternative to rubbish.

Without further rambling… You will need:

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