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Coming Up Next Week at DomesticMinxes

3 Feb

Hey guys! I’ve got lots going on at the moment, so I just have two teaser photos for you today. I’m hoping to get to these over the next week in detail 😀

muaMy first MUA haul (and more should be coming in the post!)

parissparklesAnd my first Paris Sparkles polishes!

Something to look forward to?!

-Del xx


Staying Organised the Crafty Way

1 Nov

Oh-so-typically I’m feeling mighty guilty again! There’s nothing like making a comeback and stating that you’re not dead to make everything else in your life come knocking at your door! First I got sick, then I had work, then I got news that was cripplingly disappointing, then I had a huge assignment to do that was worth 50% of my final mark for the paper… You get what I’m talking about? Not much blogworthiness in that!

However since it’s the first of the month I thought it’s time to start anew and reignite my dedication! What better way than to show off how I organise myself?

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