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31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 22

22 Oct

Today’s ‘inspired by’ was inspired by a song, which was annoyingly difficult for me considering I’m an insane music freak. I went through many various options in my head, including Gangnam Style (but it’s been done already by the greats), and Dark Side of the Moon (because Pink Floyd is amazeballs).

But I ran out of time because I wanted to make the most of the Husband’s long weekend, so we went out today! So instead I went with something inspired by my current favourite band (it changes a lot), alt-J. My on-constant-repeat song of theirs is Tessellate, there’s something about it that I just adore.

Those tessellating triangles on my ring finger took much longer than anticipated… So for the other nails I went with basic black and the band’s symbol. I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and Harvest Moon 🙂

Triangles are my favourite shape, three points where two lines meet…

-Del x

31 Day Nail Challenge: Day 11

11 Oct

Today is polka dots! I’m not an overly large fan of polka dots on my own nails (they never turn out looking right…), so instead I decided to do something cute that happens to involve polka dots. And red. And black.


I used China Glaze Hey Sailor and Liquid Leather, with Kleancolor White for the eyes, and a Jordana black striper for the lines (which came out a smidge thick, but ah well).

Teeheehee! So adorable. My right hand is matching too, I think I’ll leave these on until tomorrow! Red usually terrifies me as a nail colour, but I can accept it when it’s this cute 😀

What does everyone say about ladybug nails?

Thanks for stopping by!

-Del x


Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

11 Sep

Hello sweeties

How have you all been?

As always life is full at the moment with work, study, nail polish and Doctor Who.  I have almost finished my study just a few more assihnments and I get my qualification and at work it is comic book month which includes a dress up day, oh yeah! What you may not know is that I am writing this post on my swanky new tablet, hopefully this means more posts done while stuck on the bus, but more than likely posts done from bed.

My poor nails are taking a break at the moment in an attempt to repair them and my poor hands, I think I might have to change to non acetone polish remover, do any of you lovelies use it? I have a bottle of Max Factor Fantasy Fire longing to swatched and shared, but I’ll leave that to Del so you can see it on her lovely nails. So instead of spamming you with nail polish I thought I would post some reviews of my recent puchases for you. Which scarily enough is a few things eep!

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10,000 View Give Away Winner

11 Feb

And the winner of our 10,000 view giveaway is…..


Zoe is a lovely reader who has been with us almost from the beginning and I am so glad that it was her who won.  Zoe also runs the delicious and mouth watering blog “Pantry and Fridge“. With recipes like:

Tomato and Avocado salad

Better than Sex Bars

Creamsicle cookies

you will be left inspired or hungry. And isn’t her photography just stunning?! Congratulations again!

Again thank you to everyone to helped get us to 10,000 views so quickly!

❤ MaSucree

MaSucree’s First Taste of Bubble Tea

2 Feb

Good morning Lovely Readers!

Most Wednesdays Delindel will come into town where I work and we will have lunch together. Some of our favourite places to visit are Global Sandwhich, Habitual Fix and Eve’s Pantry. All very yummy food and Eve’s Pantry has lovely coffee (since I run on coffee XD). Last week we went to Eve’s Pantry as usual but on our way back we spotted a Bubble Tea store. The store we visited was Chalin Tea, on their blog they seem to have deals and updates about what is happening in their stores. The store also had beauty products, but we didn’t get a chance to look at the,.

I have never had bubble tea before so I had no clue what was in it or even how you went about ordering it. I ended up just getting the same order as Del which was Strawberry Milk Tea with Pearls.

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Baking with MaSucree – Banana Piklets

13 Jan

Good morning lovely readers!

I hope you all have been keeping well. This week was my first full week back at work for the year -_- It just seemed so wrong to be waking up and having to put clothes on that were not pajamas.

We have a shopping trip tomorrow planned as well as an annoucement, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It is very exciting :3

Anyway yesterday at work we sadly farewelled three staff (we have another two leaving in a couple of weeks too).  So yesterday while making dinner (yes I am a domestic goddess…or just mad) I whipped up some banana pikelets. The wonder with these things is that you can do other things while you are making them…like eat them :o. I promise that most of the pikelets made it to work.

So here is your recipe for Banana Pikelets.

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Delindel and Sir Husband Jet to Sydney: Day One

1 Dec

Halloooo! I’m back home again and almost ready to start blogging again. I’m not going to lie, my “holiday” was so busy that I feel like I need a holiday to recover from it -_-‘ But alas! It’s been all go from the moment I got home!

Sir Husband and I got home last Tuesday at around 12.30am, after a relatively quick flight of around 2 and a half hours. Since then I’ve been on the go constantly with work and engagements with friends and family >_< I’ve been a bit relaxed about the blog because I’m sure you would all understand! After giving it some thought, I decided to go for a day by day recount of our time in Sydney. So hopefully I’ll be done in a few days! Miss MaSucree has been most unimpressed with how long I’ve been fluffing around avoiding blogging XD

Sydney Day 1: Thursday 17 November 2011

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