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Jazzing up a boring mirror with Delindel and some nail polish

8 Feb

So today I seem to have done something nasty to my back wherein I can’t move much without it hurting me and making me actually huff and cry out loud. Eek! Painkillers haven’t done anything to alleviate the pain, and I’m hoping it gets better before I have to work tomorrow night…

Anyway, because of this I was stuck on the couch all day in a kind of hunched sitting position because straightening out too much hurt >< I watched a lot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, painted my nails… And attacked an ugly mirror I was given.

I decided to make it pretty and worthy of being in my handbag.

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DIY Sugar Scrub with Delindel

6 Feb

It’s summer here in New Zealand, my least favourite season for many many reasons. I prefer winter fashion, I hate getting hot and sunburnt and sticky, and I hate feeling like it has to be the “perfect summer” every year. Summer is just icky.
Physically one of my biggest problems with summer is that I always dry out, especially my legs and lips. No matter how well I look after my lips, they always end up sad and cracked in summer. And while I love Lush lip scrubs, with my money issues I can’t justify buying them when I could make my own with household ingredients!

So here’s a very simple quick lip scrub I made at home. It might not be the prettiest scrub around, but it works wonders and it tastes yummy too 😉

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Staying Organised the Crafty Way

1 Nov

Oh-so-typically I’m feeling mighty guilty again! There’s nothing like making a comeback and stating that you’re not dead to make everything else in your life come knocking at your door! First I got sick, then I had work, then I got news that was cripplingly disappointing, then I had a huge assignment to do that was worth 50% of my final mark for the paper… You get what I’m talking about? Not much blogworthiness in that!

However since it’s the first of the month I thought it’s time to start anew and reignite my dedication! What better way than to show off how I organise myself?

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Stripey Skull Hair Piece

24 Oct

So I promised you some crafty goodness with a snapshot of the felt skull I had been working on and crazily enough I actually finished my project. It had been rattling round in my head all week so with my extra day off I took over the lounge floor and got my craft on ^_^. As I may have mentioned I am going to the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo this weekend and I am getting all flashed up to go! For my black and corsety attire I needed an equally awesome hair piece, so here is what I made (almost step by step for you).

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